Youkai Ryouri Banzuke / Youkairyouribanzuke (Ghost/Goblin/Monster’s meal ranking list)ようかいりょうりばんづけ


Author : Akifumi Sawano  澤野秋文

Published : 2019

Personal recommendation : 5 years old and up

This may be a bit creepy and scary to certain children but provide some insight what the Japanese traditional ghost culture is about.  There are so many exotic monsters appearing in the book and it is quite fun to look each monster with different shape/size.   Also, the storyline is actually pretty good and myself and our kids also liked this story a lot. 

There are lots of “YOUKAI (aka Yokai)” which needs to be explained before introducing this book.  Well, YOUKAI are basically a class of supernatural entities and spirits in Japanese folklore. One can think of this as mixture of Ghost/Goblin/Monsters.   For convenience, I would refer this as Monsters in this blog.

The story is (presumably) in Edo period in Japan (17ish-century) where many Samurai were there.  Readers needs to keep in mind that Merchant/Business Transaction was quite blooming at that time and economic momentum was quite high in Major cities’ Downtown.

The story begins from a scene where a pair of monsters were wondering in downtown looking for great to-go (pick-up) restaurants to make gourmet ranking list in monster’s world.   They found one creepy looking Tofu shop which was run by old man alone. Apparently no customer was there to buy in this shop and monsters were not even sure this shop was still open for business or became out of business already.  They asked this old man for one Tofu and awfully disgusting looking TOFU was served. They took a bite and they realized this taste was AWESOME!  

You would probably notice but the taste preference of Monsters were completely opposite compared to Human’s world. (= Taste of TOFU was actually horrible!) 😊

After they came back to their monster’s world, the reported this TOFU restaurant are now top category of gourmet list.  Soon after, bunch of monster lined up to buy this TOFU and it became very popular shop for monsters. Months later, monsters realized the taste of TOFU has changed. It turned out that, due to increase demand of TOFU demand (among Monsters),  this old man/owner decided to hire young TOFU-making professionals for help. Yet those TOFU professionals knows how to make decent (I mean “Decent” in human world) TOFU and all the people in downtown started loving this shop’s TOFU and this shot got popular in town while monster disliking this new taste of TOFU.  Though Business was good, but the owner could not forget the joy of making TOFU.  One night, some monsters dropped by this shop and realized old man was making TOFU himself just like old time. They asked for one TOFU and had a bite saying “Yes, this is IT!”  Soon after, this TOFU shop became popular among human in daytime (as young professional making decent TOFU) and popular at night among monsters (as this old man making horrible TOFU).  In monster’s world, this TOFU shop became the highest in meal ranking at last!

Interesting story, huh?   If the reader is up for seeing some exotic monsters figures in the book from the period of SAMURAI era, this would be a great book!

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ようかいりょうりばんづけ [ 澤野秋文 ]
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