Wanibou no Yukidaruma / Wanibounoyukidaruma (Alligator Jr’s snowman) ワニぼうのゆきだるま


Author : Rintaro Uchida / Jun Takabatake  内田麟太郎  / 高畠純

Published : 2005

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old and up

We Japanese have high appreciation on Season transition and we cherish every single season.  This book would perhaps give such Japanese people’s sense in terms of Winter and Spring to come soon enough. 

This is Author Mr. Uchida’s “Wanibou (=Alligator Jr.)” series.  The story begins with the scene where alligator family is making snowmen.  After making three snowmen, Jr. realized these snowmen looked not so happy.  The father let the boy think why it is so. Boy realized that there are some distance between each snowman and as a close snowman family, the boy realized snowmen should come close together.   This made Jr. happy and he slept well on that night.

The next day, alligator family realized there are so many snowmen (some are formed as animal shapes) are on the field, and they are all close together as a group/family. Then, alligator family noticed one pair of snowmen were separated in distance and the alligator parents decided to provide a string telephone and let each separated snowman hold the phone so that, as if, they can still talk in distance. 

Getting the hint of string telephone being able to communicate in distance, Jr. came up with idea to communicate with cherry tree which is enduring the cold winter.  He made a sting phone himself and he whispered to cherry tree through sting phone and informed all the guys including Jr. himself is waiting for the cherry tree to blossom in warm Spring.  The next page, season transitioned and the beautiful pink colored cherry tree are shown and the alligator family being on picnic under cherry tree to complete the story. 

To me, this story reminded me of all the Kid’s ability to do something new from the learning they have just experienced and expand its imagination. This book provides important life lesson that “we should not forget kids’ limitless perspective”. 

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ワニぼうのゆきだるま [ 内田麟太郎 ]
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