Wanibou no Yamanobori / Wanibounoyamanobori (Alligator Jr’s mountain climbing) ワニぼうのやまのぼり


Author : Rintaro Uchida / Jun Takabatake  内田麟太郎  / 高畠純

Published : 2007

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old and up

We Japanese tend to cherish each season and appreciate its beauty from season to season. Autumn is one of culturally highly appreciated season of all, as all the leaves turning into red/yellow and people appreciate this very time-limited finite opportunity.  In fact, many people go to mountains just to see all those red/yellow leaves as family event. (Some famous place are VERY crowded)  This book is related to this Autumn story of ours.

This is Author Mr. Uchida’s “Wanibou (=Alligator Jr.)” series.  As I previously reviewed another series, this is the story of Alligator family. The story begins with the scene where alligator family is going to mountain for picnic. Since Jr. is still a kid, his family decided to climb rather small mountains in the forest.  As the family is enjoying the beautifully colored autumn leaves over picnic lunch, this story gets interesting (but somewhat weird 😊 ).  

All of sudden, the smaller mountain the alligator family are in started moving and eyes/mount/arms/legs comes out and start yawning and stood up. Jr. was surprised (and scared a bit) but his parents are clam and said “Of course!  Since it is Autumn, this mountains should also enjoy” Then, this mountain started walking while humming and began climbing the tallest mountain in that forest.  As the family looks around, other smaller mountains are also climbing this gigantic mountain. As they (=mountains and alligator family) got to the peak of this huge mountain, they happily shouted “YAAAHOOOOO”  and enjoy the reflected echo in the forest.  

Well, the story gets a bit unique at the end but the drawing is beautifully contrasted with Blue (sky) and Red/Yellow (Leaves) throughout the story.  So it will most likely stimulate the artistic sense of the readers. 

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ワニぼうのやまのぼり [ 内田麟太郎 ]
価格:1430円(税込、送料無料) (2021/11/5時点)

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