Tomodachi Omajinai / TomodachiOmajinai (Charm of Friend : Abracadabra) ともだちおまじない


Text : Rintaro Uchida 内田麟太郎

Illustration : Nana Furiya 降矢なな

Published : 2016

Personal recommendation : 5 years old and up

Have you heard of HAIKU?  Basically, HAIKU is the short poetry in Japan, which consist of three phrases that contain total 17 phonetic units similar to syllables in a 5, 7, 5 pattern. (5+7+5 =17 Hiragana)   Interestingly enough, all the text (except 1st and last page) of this book is based on Haiku Rules above. There are actually 40+ HAIKU (short poem) and each Poem comes with illustration which matches each HAIKU.  Each page is not necessarily connected each other as story flow but, since all the Haiku is related to “Friendship”, it somehow shows nice flow of storyline to the readers.   The text of this book is written by Rintaro Uchida and his other books has been already reviewed here and there in this blog.  

I cannot translate all 40 HAIKU poems here but I would like to show dozens to get the idea of this book’s structure.

  • First page : (Intro)  MC of this book “Owl” explaining that this book is like a charm about Friend/Friendship. If you read out loud, you may get some magical experience and possibly getting to know new friend etc.  
  • From next pages HAIKU stars and is shown in each page.

Ø  There is mountain under Spring Sky.

Ø  There are bunch of shy animals in the bush.

Ø  Some want to have friends than anything.

Ø  Some want to be noticed, found but ended up being ignored.

Ø  It always begins with small hello.

Ø  Now, the lonely fox feels Spring truly comes

Ø  Want to swing both arms saying good by but can’t as hand’s are full

Ø  One bread brings more joy by sharing with friends

Ø  Post quarrel, shout into the stone admitting I am a fool

Ø  Even during the fight with friends, Sunflower blooms around the loneliness

Ø  Sudden rain trapped two under the tree but could not say I am sorry

Ø  Giving biscuit is making up with friends without exchanging words. 

Ø  You can brag as much as you can but you will be alone eventually.

Ø  I was told I look good in this clothes but once wearing, nobody looks at.   (😊) 

Ø  When something happens, I am usually complaining to my best friend that “ I don’t need friendship ”  (😊)

Ø  I appreciate my luck of getting to know you under this beautiful starts in the sky. 

  • Last Page :  Owl shows up again and say “It is your (reader’s) turn to make your own Charm/Abracadabra/HAIKU”

Since I have done direct translation from original text, it is not really HAIKU Pattern in English but hope you get the idea. (Actually, I was having fun translating above. Lol)   I put 😊 for my favorite HAIKU in the book.  All others were quite touching and somewhat heart-breaking to read but those funny HAIKU gives smiles on my face while reading it.  Overall, quite interesting book for Haiku lovers (or who has interest in Japanese Haiku)

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


ともだちおまじない [ 内田麟太郎 ]
価格:1320円(税込、送料無料) (2021/11/5時点)

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