タタタタ (TATATATA) Run Run Run Run  

タタタタ TATATATA Run Run Run Run Youi Ritou りとうようい 2010s

Author : Youi Ritou りとうようい 

Published : 2019 

Personal Recommendation : 0-3 years and older

I have been posting book reviews which are targeted 3-5 years and older. I thought it would be good time to review something for younger age. If the reader is less around 3 years old and loves animal/safari/savanna, this book is going to be perfect. Vividly Colorful illustrations along with phonetically flowing storyline with lots of animals, like Cheetah, Hippo, Wildebeest etc. Story begins with the scene where Cheetah (whom all the animals on savanna are afraid) are rushing and running somewhere but it seems Cheetah is not going to hunt animals. Where is Cheetah going? Why is he running like crazy?  Let’s find out! 

– Cheetah is running on the savanna. And he was running into the direction of herd of Gazelle.

– Gazelle noticed Cheetah approaching and started running away to save themselves. 

– Yet, Cheetah jumped and passed the herd of Gazelle and run ahead of Gazelle.  

– Cheetah continues to run 

– Cheetah bumped into Herd of Wildebeest but Cheetah did not care at all. 

– Cheetah run across the small river where zebra/giraffe/elephants are drinking water. 

– In the river, there are Hippos drinking water as well. On the moment Cheetah is approaching to Hippo, Hippo yawned with wide-open mouth. 

– On that exact moment, Cheetah jumped INTO the hippo’s mouth.  

– While Cheetah in Hippo’s mouth (Cheetah’s tail end is being coming out of Hippo’s closed mouth),  swarm of bees have just passed through over Hippo’s head.  

– Cheetah came out of Hippo’s mouth and signed “Thank God. I was so scared. Glad they did not sting me!” 

This book provides great leaning that “Everybody has some kind of phobia”. This book describes the panicking scenes of animals upon Cheetah approaching in funny way, as everybody thought Cheetah is coming to get each one of them, but Cheetah is simply running away from tiny bees.  The title “TATATATA” is the sound of running which is often used to describes fast footsteps.  Since it rhymes, the text in the book goes “Cheetah TATATATA” and it rhythmically and tactically enhances the tension of each scene.  But in the end, after all those tensions building up wondering what would happen to all those animals on the run, the reader would put the big smile and laugh in the end, just like my daughter did.  

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


タタタタ [ りとうようい ]
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