うちにパンダがいるよ 我家有熊猫  (We have Panda in the house)

Book review "うちにパンダがいるよ 我家有熊猫" by Amei To 唐亜明 Jun Takabatake 高畠純. Very unique (somewhat bizarre) storyline about a Girl and Talking Panda, published in 2021.

Mouchotto Mouchotto /Mouchottomouchotto (A bit more. Too close) もうちょっと もうちょっと

Book Review : "もうちょっともうちょっと" (A bit more. Too close) by Yuichi Kimura きむらゆういち and Jun Takabatake 高畠純. Importance of Cooperation ! This book teaches the Importance of Cooperation !

Wanibou no Yamanobori / Wanibounoyamanobori (Alligator Jr’s mountain climbing) ワニぼうのやまのぼり

Book Review : "ワニぼうのやまのぼり" Wanibou no Yamanobori (Alligator Jr’s mountain climbing) by Rintaro Uchida, Jun Takabatake,  内田麟太郎, 高畠純. This book is about "Seasonal Appreciation for beautiful Autumn!"

Wanibou no Yukidaruma / Wanibounoyukidaruma (Alligator Jr’s snowman) ワニぼうのゆきだるま

Book Review : ワニぼうのゆきだるま (Alligator Jr’s snowman) by Rintaro Uchida / Jun Takabatake  内田麟太郎 / 高畠純. This book would teach the perspective of Japanese people's appreciation for seasonal transition.