あきらがあけてあげるから Let Me (=AKIRA) Open That For You

Book Review : あきらがあけてあげるから by Shinsuke Yoshitake ヨシタケシンスケ. A Boy named AKIRA has obsession about opening things. Towards the end of story, he finds big love from his dad related to his obsession of "opening things".

おやさいしろくま (Vegetable White Bear) 

Book review : おやさいしろくま Vegetable White Bear by Keiko Shibata 柴田ケイコ. White bear who loves certain food is day-dreaming “What if I am inside this food” situation.

あかいしろくま (Red White Bear)/ Akai Shirokuma

Book Review : あかいしろくま(Red White Bear) Akai Shirokuma by Keiko Shibata 柴田ケイコ. Story about White Bear who is obsessed with anything "Red".

にくにくしろくま (Meat Meat White Bear)/ Niku Niku Shirokuma

Review : にくにくしろくま (Meat Meat White Bear)/ Niku Niku Shirokuma By 柴田ケイコ Keiko Shibata. Meat-dish loving White Bear dreaming about becoming a part of his favorite food!