TAKOYAN / TAKO YAN (Mr. Octopus comes to my house) タコやん

Book Review : "タコやん" TAKOYAN (Mr. Octopus comes to my house) by Yoko Tomiyasu 富安陽子 Shinbo Minami 南伸坊. Friendship between Boy & Mr. Octopus ! Quite Touching!

Kokokara Dashite Kure / Kokokaradashitekure (Original title : Au secours, sortez-moi de là ! ) ここからだしてくれー! (Get me out of here!)

Book Review : ここからだしてくれー!(Au secours, sortez-moi de là ! ) by Vincent Bourgeau, Cédric Ramadier. French book which will let you physically play with!
1970s or earlier

Sanbiki Yagi no Garagaradon (The Three Billy Goats Gruff) 三びきやぎのがらがらどん

Book review for Norwegian folklore "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" translated in Japanese. 三びきやぎのがらがらどん by Marcia Brown  マーシャ・ブラウン Translation by せたていじ (Teiji Seta).
1970s or earlier

Sentaku Kaachan / Sentakukaachan (Washing-Crazy Ma) せんたくかあちゃん

Book Review : " せんたくかあちゃん" (Washing-Crazy Ma) by Wakiko Sato さとうわきこ. Fearless Washing-Crazy Ma She washes everything, even Demons !

Youkai Ryouri Banzuke / Youkairyouribanzuke (Ghost/Goblin/Monster’s meal ranking list)ようかいりょうりばんづけ

Book Review introduction : ようかいりょうりばんづけ by Akifumi Sawano  澤野秋文. This book is about "Restaurant Gourmet Rankings for Japanese Ghosts !!!"