Shirokuma-chan no hottokeki /Shirokumachannohottokeki (Little Polar Bear’s pancake) しろくまちゃんのほっとけーき

1970s or earlier

Author : Ken Wakayama わかやまけん

Published : 1972

Personal Recommendation : 0-3 years old

“Little polar bear making Pancake from scratch for close friend with mother”  If I had to explain this book in one sentence, that is pretty much the description. But this book has much more than that and that is why this book has been popular among very small children (including mine) for last 5 decades!   The author Ken Wakayama’s comments in the end of this book says “I intended to let the readers know the joy of eating pancakes, the fun process of pancake making, joy of self-cooking, joy of sharing the food with friend.  Thus, there are purposely lots of onomatopoeic text and also many kitchen utensils are illustrated”   Now, you can tell how nicely crafted this simple picture book has!

Storyline is as follows

  • Little Polar bear says “I am making pancake today”
  • Polar bear prepared Pan, Bowl and large dishes, but asking what are the ingredient?
  • Counting eggs , one , two , three… Oops I dropped one and broke it.
  • (With mom)  Break the egg above the bowl and mix it with milk 
  • Little Polar bear trying to mix it further with Flour, Sugar. All the powder flew into the sky.  Polar bear saying “Can somebody please hold the bowl while mixing?”
  • 12 steps to complete the pancake baking from Step 1 (=Drop the cake mix onto the pan) to Step 12 (=Nicely baked in both side)  (* Describing each step with unique onomatopoeic word) 
  • Finally made yummy-looking pancake.  Shouting from the balcony “Hey, my friend bear. Pancake is ready. Come join us!”
  • Friend Bear saying “Wow, you made this awesome pancake!?”   “Yes, with my mom” says Polar bear.
  • Polar bear and Bear friend doing dishes afterwards to clear up, complementing how great that pancake was!

Not only the storyline as well as illustration, I believe the coloring method is also brilliant. Start with vivid color in the background (Yellow, Blue etc) and from last half, lots of Yellow and Orange are used.  This is indeed “eye-catching” for even infant and that is why I recommend this book from even age 0! 😊

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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