あきらがあけてあげるから Let Me (=AKIRA) Open That For You

Book Review : あきらがあけてあげるから by Shinsuke Yoshitake ヨシタケシンスケ. A Boy named AKIRA has obsession about opening things. Towards the end of story, he finds big love from his dad related to his obsession of "opening things".

ゆめぎんこう Dream Bank (YUMEGINKOU)

ゆめぎんこう (Dream Bank) by Aki Kondo コンドウアキ : Story like = What if there is a bank who deals with dream instead of money?

どんぶりん (Rice Bowl)  DONBURIN 

Book : "どんぶりん" DONBURIN by Hiroyuki Arai 新井洋行. This book is purely focusing on all those Rice Bowl meals and will be a good eating-habit intro for people outside of Japan.

おやさいしろくま (Vegetable White Bear) 

Book review : おやさいしろくま Vegetable White Bear by Keiko Shibata 柴田ケイコ. White bear who loves certain food is day-dreaming “What if I am inside this food” situation.

おばけのマールとゆきまつり (MA-RU The Ghost & Snow Festival) 

Japanese Children's Book review of おばけのマールとゆきまつり by けーたろう Ke-Tarou なかいれい Rei Nakai. Adventure of MA-RU the Ghost to the Snow Festival.  

しろうさちゃんとおねえちゃんのかえりみち White rabbit and her sister’s on the way home

Story-line and review of Japanese Children book : しろうさちゃんとおねえちゃんのかえりみち White rabbit and her sister’s on the way home by Kaori Tajima 田島かおり 

よろしくともだち (How do you do, My Friend?) YoroshikuTomodachi

Japanese Children Book's Storyline and Review of "よろしくともだち Yoroshiku Tomodachi" by Rintaro Uchida  内田麟太郎

街どろぼう(Town Burglar)Machidorobou

Book review : 街どろぼう(Town Burglar)Machidorobou by junaida. Lonely Titan tried to move entire town to his place but he realized he cannot force anybody to be true friends unless they are truly connected.

ノラネコぐんだん ふねにのる (Noraneko Gundan’s going on board)

Review : ノラネコぐんだん ふねにのる (Noraneko Gundan's going on board) by Noriko Kudo 工藤ノリコ. This book is for Japanese children who would like to learn simple English vocabularies, but it is also good way for non-Japanese to learn Japanese as well, vice versa.

たまごのはなし (Story of Egg) TamagonoHanashi

Book review : たまごのはなし (Story of Egg) by Mamiko Shiotani しおたにまみこ. This book teaches the reader essential life lessons, such as "Importance of stand up and move spontaneously", "Don’t hesitate to speak out" etc.