Ousama Ga Kaettekuru 100 Byou Mae (100 seconds before the king is returning) おうさまがかえってくる100びょうまえ!


Author : Kayoko Kashiwabara 柏原佳世子

Published : 2018

Personal Recommendation : 3-5 years and older

I must tell you. This is very simply but very fun book to read again and again.  My kids are hooked with this book and ended up repeatedly reading.  The title of the book basically says it all but this book basically counting down literally from 100 to 0 in the text.  You can imagine it has much less text (wording) but instead, while counting down, all the hassle in the main characters were well described in illustration and it gives thrilling moment during the storyline.  This is the story about young vassals who serve for the king in the castle. One day, the King decided to go on a field trip and the castle will be expected to become “boss-less” for some days, so the vassals decided to be comfortable (a bit TOO comfortable) in the King’s room and make much mess in the room.  Once they realized, King is returning sooner than expected and they got about 100 seconds to tidy up the room before King returns to the room in the castle.

  • Story begins with large spacious King’s room, whereas all the exotic and interesting things are kept.
  • Today is the day of King’s field trip. By taking advantage of King’s absence, vassals are having too much fun in King’s luxurious room. They thought they had lots of time to enjoy before king comes back home but…
  • One vassal looked thru the window and noticed that King is approaching to the castle from the field trip.  “HEY GUYS! KING IS RETURNING!  WE GOT 100 SECONDS! LET’S CLEAN THE ROOM!” shouted Young vassal.
  • (From 1-10 counts)   They run around trying to clean the room. 
  • Form 11-20, one guy bussing the table while other carries teacups and piles of saucers.
  • From 21-30, putting all the swords etc back to the wall, while others putting the books back into the bookshelves
  • From 31-40, putting all the fruits back in the same spot.
  • From 41-50 They are trying to wake one vassal up, who has been sleeping in King’s bed.
  • From 51-60, they continue to shake “the napper” and he finally wakes up on the count 60.
  • From 61-80 :  They all are trying to dress up 
  • From 81-90 :  They are trying to find the hats and putting it to their heads.
  • From 91-95 :  One guy passed the hat to the other guy and caught the hat on Count 95
  • From 96-99 :   They all run toward the entrance of King’s room to greet 
  • Count 100 :  The door opens, and The King has returned.
  • King has returned.  “Welcome back, Sir! “ Say the vassals.
  • (Last page : No text) Apparently, King has noticed something was wrong in his room and preaching the vassals, giving hard time.   

All the illustration was very dynamic, and I felt like I was watching the TV drama “24” at some point. 😊   Also, the great thing about this book is to let the readers play “Spot the difference” game after reading.  There are two illustrations (1) before Vassals make a mess and (2) After Vassals cleaned the room to greet the King upon return. In the first page and last page respectively.  At a glance, it seems two pages are identical but if you look carefully, there are some minor but definitely strange points found in (2). Thus, this book serves also as the game book.  (=my kids’ favorite part of this book)   Since this has much text but have all the numbers from 1 to 100, I can recommend this book to pretty much everybody.

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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