Otosan Mouikkai Takai Takai (One more Papa) おとうさん もういっかい たかいたかい


Author : Koshiro Hata はたこうしろう

Published : 2013

Personal Recommendation : 3-5 years old

If you are a father and have/had 3 years old kid or older, you would definitely feel “Yup. Been there, done that” type of impression on this book.  Kids usually do physical play with daddy than mommy (believe it is universal. 😊) and one of the signature play is “giving the kid a shoulder ride” and “operate a Dad as gigantic command-able robot”.   If it rings the bell to you, you can enjoy this book 100%.  

General storyline is as follows.

  • Book start with the scene where a kid playing with daddy. Kid saying “Let’s play. I will press your nose and it gets activated and you start moving around”   Press!
  • Then, Dad lifts Kid up high on that spot and says “Wheee” and lower kid down.   Kid says “One more, Papa”  (*press nose)
  • Then, Dad lifts kids and carry the kid (like carrying the Rugby ball) and flying into the closet full of clothes.  Kids Kid says “One more, Papa” (*press nose)
  • Kid saying “now you are tall robot. Move forward! (*press nose)” and Dad (on this page onward, Dad is illustrated as like “the Tin Man from Wizard of OZ”. believe kid is seeing Dad as the gigantic robot not human this time.😊 ) 
  • As instructed, Dad (The Tin man) moving forward around the living room/kitchen and kid all of sudden says “stop” in front of Refrigerator.  Robot (Dad) stopped, kid found oranges in the basket placed on top of refrigerator.  Kid reached out and picked one orange and had a bit. Afterward, kid lowered own arm and says “Here, Dad. This is for you”and the robot also get to have a bite on orange from kid’s arm.
  • At the last page, Dad (now transformed back to human-form Dad) smiling and saying to his kid “ONE MORE!” 

In addition to “Been there, Done that” feeling, the funny part of the book is that at last page, Dad is the one (NOT the kid) who insists to repeat the shoulder-ride play one more time. This last scene gives me a smile but make me feel “nostalgic” at the same time. This is simply because we (especially those who have a bigger kid) know “the-shoulder-lifting-your-kid” time period is very short in our life.  We must have enjoyed that time and tried to remember this beautifully precious moment fully, but it was never enough and makes us feel “ONE MORE!” no matter how old you aged! 

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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