OninoSalaryMan Shucchouha Tsuraiyo (A Hard Business Trip : Papa works in the Hell Vol2) オニのサラリーマン しゅっちょうはつらいよ


Text : Yoko Tomiyasu      富安陽子

Illustration : Taeko Ohshima 大島妙子

Published : 2017

Personal recommendation : 5 years old and up

This is Episode #2 of 「おにのサラリーマン」/ OninoSalaryMan (Papa works in the hell).  For background of this series, please see my previous review so that you can fully enjoy this book/review.

This time,  the demon Mr. Onigawara goes on the business trip to the place called Izumo.  Izumo is the famous area where all the gods are believed to get together from Japan all over. (Consider this place as more like Holy place) in October and this books calls “Gods’ Summit”.   Mr. Onigawa’s assignment is to support this God Summit in Izumo.   (It is already funny set-up that Mr. Onigawara the Demon works for the company but also help Gods to support the “Gods’ Summit”  😊

The storyline goes as follows

  • Mr. Onigawara (the demon) was asked by his company “Hell Company” to go on a business trip to Izumo to support Gods’ Summit to be held in Izumo area. 
  •  He packed up all the clothes etc and say goodbye to his wife and Children. 
  • He arrived at Hell City Airport and met other demons/monsters who are headed to Izumo as well.  Some monsters are complaining  “Why we as monster/demon should support “God”’s summit.   Mr. Onigawara responded “What can we do?  It is direct order from Upper management, King ENMA.   (King ENMA’s explanation is shown here) 
  • As they waited, aircraft came. (In this case, Aircraft is “8 Headed big snake” monster!) 
  •  Mr. Onigawara has economy class ticket provided from his company and he has sat on the tightly jam-packed aircraft. (=8 headed snake monster) 
  • Soon after, Mr. Onigawara the demon arrived at the Izumo airport.  He was asked to escort all the gods upon arrival.  Shortly, many of gods start arriving at Izumo area from ocean or sky. 
  • Mr. Onigawara worked hard to escort every single god arriving.  “You, God of Rice Field, sir should go to this gate.  God of Well goes to that gate.  God of water, sir, you should go to Gate #3.”
  • Mr. Onigawara then saw the group of people flying in and he realized it was the group of witches flying with broom. “ hey, you ladies. Hello. Excuse me!  Where are you all heading? This is the city called Izumo and it is in Japan. You must be in the wrong country!”   
  • Mr. Onigawara continues “Hey, you Mr. White-beard in red clothes riding on the deer sled with large white bag, you cannot go there either!”   😊
  • Mr. Onigawara then saw gigantic ship approaching to the ocean and it was the famous “Seven Fortune Gods” group. Mr. Onigawara managed to escort those VIP as well. 
  • As Mr. Onigawara was tired as hell (literally), he decided to take a rest with his buddy, sipping some tea.  His colleague pointed out on in the sky saying “hey look. There are two guests still flying in. Wait, can it be the extra support staff sent from Hell?? “  
  • Both demons trying to approach to them defenselessly yet it turns out it was God of Wind & God of Thunder who just arrived.  God of Thunder created lighting and hit the demons, followed by strong wind blow demons away.
  • With all the troubles, all the guest finally arrived and the summit (festival) of God started.  The demons are also asked to join the festivity.  With all the illumination and songs with drum music, all the gods and the demons had “hell of a good time”
  • On last page,  Mr Onigawara sleeping on the aircraft’s chair, talking to himself in sleep “I expect to get big bonus after this trip..” 

As you can guess, the readers need to know the basic knowledge of Gods in Japan to fully enjoy.  But on the other hand, if you know nothing about Gods of Japan in general, this would give good intro of what types of gods reside in Japan historically.  Nonetheless, even with different situation (Biz trip this time),   the hassle of the demon who speaks Osaka dialect as well as works at company are quite hilarious in this episode #2 as well!

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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