Author : Yoshio Kimura  きむらよしお
Published : 2005
Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old

If you would like to make 3-5 years old kids smile, this would be a quick but very effective way. Well, Title actually says it all but this is quite simple story.

A boy is chewing gum and make a bubble in front of his face/mouth. (his side face is show all the time on left side of page by the way throughout the story) As he tries 2nd time, the shape of gum bubble is becoming like a cat. Now, it appears there are two face (Boy and Cat) facing each other. But instead of boy swallowing chewing gun, a cat swallowed boy’s face and start chewing. Cat now makes bubble and bubble shape becomes boys face again.

Afterward, tag-of-war battle of “which one can blow into bubble (opponent’s face/haed in this story case) and both of their face getting bigger and bigger and BOOM! The explosive sound came out. At last page, exploded chewing gum’s bubble was all over boy’s head and cat (the actual cat with legs and tail . Not a cat made of chewing gum) is smiling at him.

Well, this story does not make much of sense but it does actually seem very funny to kids. My kid also really likes this book for some reasons and repeatedly read this one.
It has very less character and easy to read for maybe 2-3 yrs old but to understand the funny part (A concept of Gum bubble becoming a cat) I would say from 3 yrs would be a good age.

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


ねこガム (幼児絵本シリーズ) [ きむらよしお ]
価格:990円(税込、送料無料) (2021/11/5時点)

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