Ne Ne Ne No Neko (Cat of Ne-Ne-Ne) ねねねのねこ


Text : Shuji Ohnari     おおなり修治

Illustration : Yuka Kitamura 北村裕花

Published : 2015

Personal recommendation : 0-3 years old and up

Since my daughter loves the cat in general, this was visually very amusing book to read for her.  Before reading, I know from front cover that this is definitely “CAT” book. But I wasn’t really sure what this tile of the book means, to be honest.  「ねねねのねこ」 (=“Ne Ne Ne no Neko”. It is like “CA CA CA CAT”).     But after reading a few pages, A HA! I know instantly what this book is all about.  This is actually CAT story-book with simplified Phonics essence!

Let me list the texts of this book on each page below.  (not entire list.  But below gives quite good idea what this book is all about already) 

  • Cat sleeping  (Neko Neteru)  
  • Cat rolling over (Neko Negaeriutsu) 
  • Cat twits his body (Neko Nejireru) 
  • Cat talking to himself in the dream (Neko Nagotoiu) 
  • Cat having sleepy head still  (Neko Nebokeru) 
  • Cat finding rats   (Neko Nezumiwo Mitsukeru)
  • Rat is escaped from Cat  (Neko Nezumini Nigerareru) 
  • Cat Twisted his ankle  (Neko Nenzasuru) 
  • Cat found Rats again.  (Neko Nezumini Kizuku) 
  • Cat attacks Rats.  (Neko  Nezumini Osoikakaru) 
  • Cats is laughed by rats.  (Neko Nezumini Warawareru)

See? As you would easily figure out, the storyline is Cat’s daily life but it always start “NE” (ね) in each word so that its “NE” sound shows up repeatedly in nice tempo.  The interesting observation from my daughter was that she never noticed this “NE” repetition until I told her.  Simply because, it has nice story line flow about Cat’s life (It is not random wording of all the “NE” sounds.) and the small readers tend to follow its storyline rather than repetitive sounds.  For that reason, I felt this book is like “Japanese Rap Music Lyrics Class 101 for 0-3 years old” 😊

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


ねねねのねこ [ おおなり修司 ]
価格:1430円(税込、送料無料) (2021/11/12時点)

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