Natsuno Otozure / Natsunootozure (the coming of Summer) なつのおとずれ


Author : Hiroshi Kagakui かがくいひろし
Published : 2008
Personal recommendation : 3- 5 years old

We Japanese cherish the transition of 4 seasons throughout the year and this book gives you a sense of our appreciation and anticipation for Summer time.

The story begins the sun sitting on the chair watching weather forecast on TV and TV reporter saying the rainy season is over. The sun talks to himself “It is about time to let my buddy know..”

(Perhaps using some kind of telepathy power) all the summer-related buddies like Fan, Sunflower, Cicada, Melon, Watermelon, shaved ice, icecream, etc realized the sun is calling to get together and race began. “On your mark, get set, ready, go!” All the guys started running toward the goal point. Other guys like corn, Swimming ring (Float) and Goldfish in water bowl joined the race.

As they rushing to the goal, there was one hurdle to go thru the thick dark cloud which we see often in rainy season. As they have to pass by those thick cloud (rainy season’s representation) to reach summer, they tried hard to go thru running under heavy rain and thunder. Finally, they have reached to the sun who is waiting for them while keeping his month wide open.

All the buddies got inside the Sun’s month and Sun rises way up in the sky and let his month open. Everybody jumped off and fell into the ground. Soon after, at the ground level, people including kids enjoy eating Corn/Shaved Ice/Ice cream, melon and some kids seems to be on the way to beach/pool by holding swimming ring (float). Ending the story with typical great summer scene in Japan.

This book not only gives the sense of seasonal appreciation and transition from Rainy season (June) to Summer, but also give what are the representative/common summer food & items found in Japan. (I mean, people around the world may not connect Sumer with Corn, right? 😊 I believe teaching such local cultural insight is a great plus for non-Japanese readers.

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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