Natsumiha Nannidemo Nareru (Natsumi can become anything) なつみはなんにでもなれる


Author : Shinsuke Yoshitake  ヨシタケシンスケ

Published : 2015

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old and up

This is one of many Yoshitake Shinsuke’s books and this one is one of my favorite books. The main character “Natsumi” (assumed 4-5 years old gird) try to do the gesture-association games with her mother through the storyline. In this book,  story goes (1) Natsumi repeatedly keeps asking her mother “Guess what I am now?” and (2) Mother answered wrong every time.  It is funny that Natsumi being typical 5 years old and she tries to play this game with her mother no matter how busy mother is busy/in the middle of something.  Her mother is reluctant to try to answer every single question/challenge Natsumi is asking.  Yet either the clue from Natsumi was much less or not even closely related what she was trying to be. 

This book perhaps is more entertaining to parents who read for their children than kids themselves, simply because all those behavior Natsumi is doing in this books gives flash-back memory to the parents “Yup, my child behaves exactly like Natsumi. I hear you” type of feeling. (At least I feel that way every single time I read this book)   I mean who would have guessed that “holding small towel in front of her face” means “Satna Clause”?? 😊  I bet all the parents in the world have similar experience of “hard-to-associate kid’s gesture/behavior with what they are trying to express”, right?    

This is adult’s palm-sized book and with lots of cute drawings/easy to read story (less characters).  This will not only give children but also give parents a smile while reading!

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


なつみはなんにでもなれる [ ヨシタケシンスケ ]
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