Naniwo Tabete Kitano / Naniwotabetekinano (What have you eaten?) なにをたべてきたの?

1970s or earlier

Text : Eriko Kishida 岸田 衿子

Illustration : Hirokazu Nagano 長野 博一

Published : 1978 

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old

Well, this was published 40+ years ago yet it is still quite popular book for children. (I also have a copy for my children as well obviously)   At a glance, the illustrations seem to be pale/simple (lots of white, even main character Pig is quite white most of his body parts ) but soon you would realize it was intentionally done that way.

The story goes as follows

  • White piggy walking along and colored-piggy friends are asking “Why are you in such hurry? Where are you heading?”.   “I am going to eat something” says white piggy.
  • He found an apple (Illustration shows close-look of Piggy and beautiful red apple here) and says “mmm, looking yummy.  Let me have a bite” 
  • He started walking again saying “That tasted great, but I am still hungry”   One thing Piggy did not notice was he’s gotten big RED dot on his belly (visible from outside) 
  • Another friend came by, and saying “Hey, White piggy. Well, you look different today”.  “Yeah, I just had an apple but I am still hungry” says white Piggy.
  • White Piggy then found Yellow lemon. Piggy could not resist to take a bite. And Yellow dot shows up on his belly as well. Piggy then found Green Melon, Purple grape as well and ate them, ended up colorful dots showing up on his belly.    White Piggy’s friends passing by and saying “Hey, you look very pretty today”
  • Still hungry, Little Piggy found bar soap and decided to take a bite.  All the soap bubbles were formed in his mouth and feeling dizzy, he started rolling down in downhill.  As rolling down, all the soap bubbles washed away the dots.
  • Piggy stood up and started walking again. Piggy bumped into his friends and asked “Hey, guys.  Do I look different?”  Friends said “Not really. You look pretty much same as before…Except that you look bigger than before.  What have you eaten?” 

This does not tell you much of life lesson or any sort. (of course, no one should eat bar soap, though. 😉 ) but all the colorful dots appearing on Piggy’s belly should be amusing to the readers and that is why this book stays as popular story after 40+ years of 1st publication. 

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


なにをたべてきたの? [ 岸田衿子 ]
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