Nandarou Nandarou / NandarouNandarou (I am wondering what this is.) なんだろうなんだろう


Author : Shinsuke Yoshitake  ヨシタケシンスケ

Published : 2019

Personal recommendation : 5 years old and up

This is one of Shinsuke Yoshitake’s recent publishment. This has lost of picture as well as descriptions for each drawings. But at the end of this story, the reader should be thinking “wow, I believed I know lots of things but apparently I don’t know nothing about anything!” 

The story begins with an elementary school student named Ko-chan on the way to his school. He bumped into the neighbor (Mrs.) with smaller kids at the corner. After telling them he is going to school now, this small kid asked her mom “ Hey, mom.  What is school?” 

After repeating this question himself, Ko-chan realized “What is “School” actually.  This is not only where he studies, but also give a chance to laugh and cry/getting along with his friends, finding friends with mutual interest, boo when unexpected quiz came out in the class etc?   So what is School?  What does School offer and what is the meaning of school?

Then, afterwards, his mind keeps spinning and started asking bunch of “I am wondering what XXXX is” questions.

What is lie?  Are there any good lie or bad lie?  Lie can be justified when nobody noticed?  In which cases in their life, people tend to lie?  Lie will lose the trust. What would I become if I lose trust from others?

What is friend?  He has friends with common interest, but it does not mean all the friends has common interest.  What would make a friend a friend in this world? 

Some people have many friend while other don’t have much. Why is it so? Though he is going to have different friends time to time but it will just shape you who it should be as self.  What is friend? 

What is happiness?    What is SELF?   I can see what others are doing but I cannot see myself and this cannot understand much.  I am being myself as a kid now, but what if I get big and become an adult?  What would happen to my childhood self?   What is JUSTICE?  What is FORGIVENESS?  What is SELF-INDEPENDENCY?  What is Role/Status/Responsibility? What is DREAM?  What is “normal/standard”  

After asking bunch of “what is”, at the end, the main character realized and had a gut feeling that they may not figure out all the questions, but spending time to think at least leads great thing to happen. This kind of attitude makes a person “herself/himself”

As you are aware, this contains lots of philosophical concept and through tough questions to the reader and their parents.  But it would be a great way to talk about difficult things over this book.  Interesting to see if the answers for each question changes over time as kids grow up!

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なんだろう なんだろう [ ヨシタケシンスケ ]
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