Nakayoshi (Getting along together) なかよし


Author : Wakiko Sato  さとうわきこ

Published : 1981

Personal recommendation : 0-3 years old

This is one of popular Wakiko Sato’s book series.  This is quite interesting structure. There was a moon on right top corned and as if the moon is narrating the story, on the main page’s illustration, all the action by Dog and Cat are happening.  Thus, readers get impression that the moon (in the book) is reading this book for the reader themselves.  This was published 40 years ago but her story (in general) never gets old-fashioned and that is why all the kids today still loves Wakiko Sato’s book series. 

  • The moon (w/ face pars) doing the narration saying “This is the story about Dog and Cat. They get along well and love taking bath and making soap bubbles in the tub.
  • The moon continues narrating “However, once formed, the bubble breaks and disappeared.  Now trouble comes. Cat and Dog blaming each other which one’s fault the bubble blow-up occurred. 
  • “I made this big bubble and you brew it!” says Dog.  “No mine was bigger than yours” says Cat. Quarrelling would not seem to stop.
  • Finally, they got out of the tub and started waling away from each other.
  • Both saying “I don’t want to see your face any more!” and they sat on the dining table for dinner but they both are facing in opposite direction each other.
  • Even at the bed time, argument / bad mood continues. “I am sleeping at that corner” “I am sleeping at another corner”  both moving their own bedframes.
  • They would both like to make sure one don’t see other’s face during sleeping, they piled up all the items/furniture between their beds and decided to sleep. 
  • Yet, due to excitement from argument, both’s eyes are wide-open and cannot possibly fall asleep any more.  They both got up and says “let’s decide who indeed can make bigger bubble right now right here!”
  • They jumped into tub and start making bigger bubble to compete. Cat making quite big bubble while Dog is also making big one as well.  But it turned out both of them are blowing into one bubble and cooperating to make one big bubble.  
  • They gently continue to make even bigger one and by the time bubble became “hot-air balloon” like size, it finally pops and exploded. But both Cat and Dog jumped up in their joy. “Woo hoo. That was the world’s biggest bubble!” 
  • Then, both realized that they are soaking wet and are also in their pajamas… 😊  
  • They both wash and dry their pajama and saying “I am sorry for what happened earlier”  “No, no I am sorry.” And they made up and decided to move their bed side-by-side and sleep together good night.

The story itself may be a bit too long for younger readers like 2 years-ish old, but the flow of the storyline is well organized, and kids should enjoy the book from page #1 all the way to the end in single read.

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【中古】なかよし / さとうわきこ
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