Mouchotto Mouchotto /Mouchottomouchotto (A bit more. Too close) もうちょっと もうちょっと


Text : Yuichi Kimura きむら ゆういち

Illustration : Jun Takabatake 高畠 純

Published : 2018 

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old

This book is visually fun to read. Lots of animals in very vivid blue sky in all the pages as background. Personally I believe around 3yr-4yrs old would enjoy this book the most while it teaches the importance of cooperation. 

Storyline is quite simple, and it goes as follows. 

  • Pig (main character) found the apple tree and saw one yummy-looking apple hanging in the branch, Pig decided the apple to fall down. It eventually did but it fell onto pig’s nose and apple bounced the ground and rolled into tiny hole (horizontal deep hole like mini cave, which apple can barely fit)
  • He lies down on the ground and try to reach out to the apple, but it was a few inch too short. Pig stretched out but ended up pushing the apple into cave further.
  • Then Monkey passed by and Monkey voluntarily tried himself to reach out as monkey got longer arms.  Yet, it also ended up pushing the apple into further in the hole.
  • Then, Fox came and tried to use his/her tail to stick into the cave. “A bit more. So close…”   Yet, the apple was pushed out even further.
  • Many animals came together.  Giraffe goes “I don’t think I can stick this long neck of mine into such tiny hole”.  Moose came and said “my horn cannot either”  Rabbit goes “My ears cannot either” and Alligator goes “my tail cannot either”
  • Then, Elephant came out and said “Leave it to me!”   With all the cheering by other animals, Elephant finally captured the apple with nose. Yet, Elephant’s conditioned reflex kicked in and he decided to eat this red round apple.  
  • All the animal tried to stop the elephant from eating apple and Elephant ran away. Everybody else followed the Elephant.  
  • Elephant then bumped/crashed into the big tree and shook the entire tree. And this tree happens to be Apple Tree (with lots of red apples in the branch) and it turns out all the animals can get to eat apples. 

See, the story is quite simple and more like “text-book”Children book story. But as mentioned, it teaches the important of “helping others” and it actually ends the story with little laugh, as greedy Elephant got some Karma, but at the end, it is indeed concluded as Happy ending for everybody.

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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