Minna de Dourokouji / Minnadedourokouji (Road Construction) みんなでどうろこうじ


Text : Fumiko Takeuchi 竹内文子

Illustration : Mamoru Suzuki 鈴木まもる

Published : 2010

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old and up

As reviewed previously, our family loves the illustration of Mr. Mamoru Suzuki. (Pretty realistic in details but it gives heart-warming impression to the readers)  This is also one of other book-series by strong combo of Ms. Fumiko Takeuchi & Mr. Mamoru Suzuki.

Just like my previous review, this book is based on the story which all the construction workers are working in order to build the traffic road from scratch. Unlike previous review (=Garbage truck), since road-making involves several steps, there appears so many road construction-related heavy machinery vehicles in the book.  (Needless to say, this is one of the points my boy loves this story) 

The storyline is as follows.

  • There is some old road in town and especially certain spot in front of bakery is quite bumpy. City decided to fix this road.
  • One day, all the construction workers came along, greeting residents around that area and informing them it may get noisy for certain period. Residents kindly acknowledged and felt rather happy that road is being fixed finally.
  • Soon after, construction began. First, Road Cutter vehicle came to cut the asphalted area.
  • Then, the excavator came to dig and collect the old asphalt, loading them into truck.
  • Next, Dump Truck came and brought all the new gravels, followed by “Motor Grader”vehicle to spread the gravels, and make the ground flat.
  • Then, “Macadam Roller” vehicle came along to fatten the gravel-filled road. 
  • Next, Pneumatic Tired Roller came to sprinkle waters around that area and press to even further for better flatness.
  • Then, construction workers sprinkles “Asphalt emulsion” over the ground, so that it can glue the gravels together.
  • Next day, the dump truck brought more asphalt from plant followed by “Asphalt Finisher”heavy machinery vehicles to flatten the ground even further.
  • Though asphalt gets very hot, yet all the workers then have to manually use the shovels to finish up the all the edge/corner of construction area. All the worker going thru some sweaty time here.
  • Lastly “Macadam Roller” again came along to finalize the flattening step until asphalt gets cold enough.
  • Once all the inspection and line-marking for traffic is done, the construction worker can move onto next spot for next assignment.

You have noticed that there are actually lots of information and know-hows for road construction process.  To be honest, I would not even know it involves so many different types of heavy machinery (and each vehicle has specific name. 😊 )   I hope all the reader of this book would be able to appreciate all the hard-working construction workers’ effort and they are also hidden hero to make our daily life better one!

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


みんなで!どうろこうじ [ 竹下文子 ]
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