Men Tabeyou! / Mentabeyou! (Let’s eat noodle!) めんたべよう


Author : Eiko Konishi 小西英子

Published : 2018

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old

It is all about noodles!  As you may be aware, Japan has so many different kinds of noodle available to eat at home/restaurants.  All the kids love the noodles (including mine) and, when it comes to lunch time at home, Japanese parents’ easy/safe choice is “OK, let’s give them noodle today” 

The structure of this book is (1) Shows the category of the noodle.  (2) shows Noodle of such category with many options/toppings. 

The story starts with the suggestion “Let’s go to Udon restaurant. Which Udon would you prefer?”  then next page shows standard Udon with tofu/green onions but following pages showing raw egg option, hot-pot style, cold Udon, seaweed, meat curry-based Udon with much realistic drawing of Udon each page.  (Yum!) 

The next section goes “Let’s go eat Spaghetti”.   Spaghetti with ketchup, meat sauce, Carbonara, Japanese style bamboo-shoot, Spicy Fish egg, Vongole, Pepperoncino.

The next goes SOBA (buckwheat noodle)   Cold Noodle with dipping sauce, noodle soup, noodle soup with tempura, with chicken, with mushrooms.       

Final section is RAMEN.  Salt-based Seafood, Vegetable MISO ramen, and satisfying TONKOTSU Ramen will be the last menu of this book.

This book does not have much of story, but if you would like to show the wide variety of noodle food culture in Japan to the readers, this would be good book.  If you plan to bring your kids to Japan for vacation, you can also pre-study what they would be eating while visiting Japan.  (Also, it give kids a mental comfort that “Not only exotic/weird noodles, but pasta/spaghetti is available to Japan at the restaurant! 😊  

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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