Maruchan no taoru / Maruchannotaoru (Shiba-dog Maru’s Towel) まるちゃんのタオル


Author : Yoko Sasaki ささきようこ

Published : 2010

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old and up

This is Author Ms. Yoko Sasaki’s “Maru-chan (=Shiba-dog named Maru)” series. I have reviewed another story of this series earlier and if the reader likes those puppy characters, this is also a great book to have. 

This book teaches you the important concept of “sharing”, especially with the ones who needs help/support. 

Maru is playing with his good friend (also a puppy) named Kuro-chan . (FYI Maru literally means “Round” and Kuro means “Black” in Japanese)  While playing, Maru-chan realized his favorite towel is missing.  With the help from Kuro-chan, they searched everywhere from closets to trash cans to even laundry area but no luck.  With a little courage added, they went to scary looking bulldog in the neighbor and asked him about towel’s whereabout but no luck.  

As Maru-chan is feeling down with sadness, they realized they have not yet searched one last place. “Yes, it might be at cat named MOMO-chan’s place! “  They rush to MoMo-chan’s bed-basket and realized there are so many new-born kittens in the basket.  Maru-chan /Kura-chan found his towel in the basket underneath the kittens.  MoMo-chan said “Oh it was your towel. Did not know that. Since my kittens need this towel, would it be OK to keep this towel until they are grown?”   Maru-chan/Kuro-chan said “Of course, we can wait until these kitten no longer need my towel. Take your time!” 

The story is quite straight forward and more like authentic children’s book story yet it still provide the readers heart-warming feeling.  I believe especially the drawing done by author is such a gentle touch of design/color, it would enhance such fulfilled feeling post reading the book. (That is why my daughter loves this series a lot! )  

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


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