Maruchan no Kenka / Maruchannokenka (Shiba-dog Maru’s quarreling) まるちゃんのけんか


Author : Yoko Sasaki ささきようこ

Published : 2012

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old and up

Quarreling with friends is something all the kids post 3 years old should go thru regardless of region/countries. This is important part of life experience and we should not avoid such opportunities (?), but more importantly we should teach how to make it up afterwards.  This books tells the readers essence of how-to.

This is Author Ms. Yoko Sassaki’s “Maru-chan (=Shiba-dog named Maru)” series.  Maru is playing with his good friend (also a puppy) named Kuro-chan with balloon.  (FYI Maru literally means “Round” and Kuro means “black” in Japanese)    While playing, the balloon accidently got bursted.  They started blaming each other and they had a little argument over who broke the balloon. Soon after they stopped playing and turned back walking away.  

Each puppy decided to look for other friends to play with and started asking around but no luck at all as other dogs are all busy with their own agenda such as naptime, being taken a walk, snack time is coming etc. Maru even tried to talk to a cat to play with him and was turned down..  Being at a loss, Maru and Kuro were wandering around and Maru found a small tail tip behind the tree (=Kuro’s tail) and Kuro also found a puppy’s tail behind (other side of) the tree.   Not knowing those tails are Kuro’s/ Maru’s, those two dog coincidently spoke up and “Hey, wanna play with me?”  Soon they realized it was Kuro/Maru that they talked to and smiled made up and decide to play together again.   

As mentioned earlier, this books gives the lesson to the small readers how to make it up with friend after fight. If one has a courage to speak to his/her friend(s) one is fighting with, there is a high chance to being able to make friends again. I know (as a parent) that this is important but kids usually cannot accept its fact.  Yet, this book’s story might help plant the important know-how for kids when argument/fight occurs. 

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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