Author : HERVE TULLET エルヴェ・テュレ Hervé Tullet

Translation :  Shuntato Tanikawa たにかわしゅんたろう  

Published : 2010

Personal recommendation : 0-3 years old and up

I know this isn’t really “Japanese” Children’s book, both myself and my kids loved this book so much, I wanted to mention in this blog. I am quite sure this book has been translated into various languages and are available around the globe, but this is very simple but very beautifully articulated in book storyline structure. 

To those who don’t know about this book, (as one might guess from English Title “Press Here”) there are so many round dots in this book and text gives the reader the instruction what to do on this page.  Such as “Press Yellow Dots”  “Shake the book”  “Tilt the book” or even “Blow the air into the book with your mouth” and the next page shows some post-actioned dot’s status.  (Dots would split into 2 or more, or moves around the book page etc, as if the reader is actually to play around with those dots.

In a sense, it is very similar to the book which I reviewed previously. I personally found it very interesting to find the coincidental fact that both books have two things in common. (1) Both happen to be French Authors and (2) Both of translation for Japanese edition were done by same person, Mr. Shuntaro Tanikawa. 😊   Not knowing the original text in French nor English, I think Mr. Tanikawa did great job translating those into Japanese.  I like the fact that literal translation of this book’s title for Japan market was “Book of Round, Round, Round!”, not direct translation of “Press Here”.   Also, Kudos to French writers who are very creative for Children’s book making and made this fun book to play with for all the kids’ readers universally. (Another great book by Hervé Tullet is reviewed here. )

To small readers like 1-2 year’s old, they would totally believe all the things happening now in the book is because of each reader’s action, (=they would not think this is pre-drawn!) and that is why all the readers are hooked and felt fun to have control over all the colorful dots.   Without exception, I had to read (rather was asked to read) and let my kids play multiple times once I picked up this book from our bookshelves… 😊   It may be tiring to parents but trust me, all the kids should love and enjoy this book for sure!

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


まるまるまるのほん [ エルヴェ・テュレ ]
価格:1430円(税込、送料無料) (2021/11/6時点)

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