Kotori no Uchi / KotorinoUchi (Aunt BABA and Bird’s Houses) ことりのうち


Author : Wakiko Sato  さとうわきこ

Published : 1998

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old and up

This is famous and popular Children’s book author Wakiko Sato’s signature BABABAACHAN (= Grandma BABA) series.  (note : The literal translation is Grandma BABA, but for this story, the end page has English official title and it says “Aunt BABA”. Yet, it basically is same BABA series here)   

As reviewed previously, The Grandma BABA’s life is surrounded by animal friends.  This book’s story is also based on her life with her animal friends.  Storyline goes as follows.

  • One day, BABA is sitting on the grass field and enjoy listening bird’s tweeting sound. As it beautiful sound made her feel great, she realized it is great idea to make the house for birds so that she can listen tweeting all the time. 
  • BABA asked her animal friends to make birds’houses and made appropriate bird’s houses and set in between tree branches in the forest. 
  • Far from distance, BABA and friends are monitoring and successfully many small birds start gathering around. BABA also brought her favorite straw mat so that she can lie down to take a nap by bird’s house. 
  • All of sudden, BABA and animals hears strangely loud feather-swinging sound around the trees where bird’s houses were set. 
  • They realized there is this one big bird (Just like Big Bird from SESAME STREET. 😊) standing in front of tree.  Surprised but BABA says “That is such a big bird but assuming this bird also want his house. We probably cannot make such big house but perhaps we can make large bird’s nest!  OK everybody, let’s start collecting all the branches as well as piles of straws on the ground field.  
  • They finally made great nest for him and BABA saying “This nest is for you. It is large enough, so you can even lay eggs here”
  • Big bird went into nest but started playing around making a big mess in the nest.  BABA says “Hey Hey, you should behave yourself. You are acting like a small child”   “Yes, because I AM a small child” says Big Bird.   “WHAT !?!?” 
  • Then, Big Bird started making loud (and unpleasant-shouting) sound.   BABA goes “Hey what’s wrong?”   Big Bird replies “cause I am a lost bird looking for my mom”
  • BABA says “Oh I see.  I did not you are lost child, looking for mom. You know what?  I have some great idea for you”   BABA took out her straw mat and rolled up like Megaphone.   “Here, scream again into this megaphone”BABA says and Big Bird screamed as instructed. 
  • Big bird’s voice travels like Echo and his mom (=even bigger bird 😊) flew in, thanking BABA and friends and picked her baby and fly away again. 
  • BABA turned into animal friends and says “You know what? Though that big bird is not here with us anymore, but we actually made something great here!”   This nest is big enough for everybody to jump in and take a nap inside this nest.   Afterwards, BABA and all of her animal friends can enjoy little bird’s tweet while taking a nap in hand-made gigantic nest made of straw/branches.

This book has again such great story.  But I really like the fact it also teaches great lesson “we should not judge people by appearance”.  I feel author did a great job incorporating such big topic in the children’s book, while it’s message isn’t so obvious and kids can naturally “perceive” important concept of diversity.

You can purchase this book here.  広告はこちら

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