Konoato Dou Shichaou / Konoatodoushichaou (What should I do now?) このあとどうしちゃおう


Author : Shinsuke Yoshitake  ヨシタケシンスケ

Published : 2016

Personal recommendation : 5 years old and up

“What is the death?  What is the life after death like?  What can I do while I am alive?”   Pretty heavy-duty, but this is the theme of this book.  Yet, this is Children’s book and this book does not tell you exactly what those are in adult’s mind/language but this would give children great opportunity to think about above while reading books.

The story starts with as follows. A boy’s grandpa passed away recently and while checking grandpa’s room, he found the notebook titled “What should I do now?” It’s sort of like the will but this books has instruction from grandpa that “what would I want to be and how he wishes his family would become/behave post his death. List of things to be prepared to go to heaven”.   But the funny part is that this instruction rather seems to be written by kids as it contains some fantasy after death as well. 

  • The proper attire to go to heaven : lots of gears just lie going camping/hiking/mountain climbing 
  • What he would like to become when he is to re-born as?  Cat (Pet) in rich family, Quiz champion, Coffee mill (?), the youngest kid in the family (so that he can be spoiled in next life) etc
  • List of gods he wishes to meet in the heaven  :   Can teach how to fly in the sky, can sing well for me, leaving me alone when needed, 
  • List of tomb stones he wish his family to build  : LEGO block like, built-in Trampoline, Slide-in-the-park, dinosaur-shape
  • How Grandpa can see his family (including this boy) from heaven : As an apple on the dining table as a moon, as a bill in the wallet etc

While he enjoys this notebook of his grandpa, he realized that death would come to anybody sooner or later. Thus, he positively decided to make his own “bucket list” notebook. Yet list is still childish (like, capture big crab in the ocean, invent something, score goal by bicycle-shot in the soccer game) but this gave this boy a chance to think he should enjoy his life as much as he can.  The book ends with this boy playing in the swing at the park, saying “this is the practice to fly in the heaven” :-)

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このあと どうしちゃおう [ ヨシタケシンスケ ]
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