Kokokara Dashite Kure / Kokokaradashitekure (Original title : Au secours, sortez-moi de là ! ) ここからだしてくれー! (Get me out of here!)


Author : Vincent Bourgeau and Cédric Ramadier  ヴァンサン・ブルジョ & セドリック・ラマディエ

Translation : たにかわしゅんたろう (Shuntaro Tanikawa) 

Published : 2016

Personal recommendation : 0-3 years old and up 

Similar to what I reported previously, this book is also from oversea (France) and translated into Japanese.  Yet, this story is not the folktale or anything but rather the book to physically play with while reading, the translation was nicely done and all the kids should enjoy this book. 

Curious about what I meant by “The book to physically to play with”?  Well, this is the story where black wolf who fell into the deep hole under the ground and trying to ask you to help him out.  The perspective of the book is, as if you are looking from the ground level, the wolf is looking up from the bottom of hole and giving instructions so that he can get out of the hole.  

Let me start with the storyline.  You find the black wolf who apparently fell into the hole. The wolf explained that he found small kid in the hole and decided to jump into the hole voluntarily. Yet, though the boy was not in the hole as the wolf explained, he denied that he ate that little boy but instead the little boy escaped from the tiny sied-hole under the deep hole the wolf was in.  Since this side hole is too small for wolf to go thru, the wolf suggested the reader to tilt the book itself.  The next page, the wolf was against the sidewall of hole (assumed the readers indeed tilted the book physically in previous page) and said “Watch out! (Do not tilt that much)”

Then, the wolf instructed to tilt the book to the right, even shake the book etc but it all ended up with the wolf being crashed into the wall.  Then finally, the wolf suggested the reader to tilt the book toward YOU so that the wolf can “slide” out.   The back page said (without any drawing. Just sentences)  “Phew! The wolf is gone. Wanna play one more time?”   (End of story) 

I personally think this book is good for 2-3 years old and those reader can enjoy a lot! (My daughter asked to repeat this book as soon as it comes to an end!)    Above that, kids may feel “Childish” to follow the wolf’s instruction.

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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