Ka Dokoitta ? / Kadokoitta ? (Where did the mosquito go?) カどこいった? 


Author : Noritake Suzuki  鈴木のりたけ
Published : 2018
Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old

“Playing with Perspective Drawings”  If I were to describe this book, that’s the word I would come up with.

This does not have much story in it, but using the very crafted perspective drawing methods in the book, the children can actually physically play with this book while reading.  The basic story is that readers find (rather realistically drawn) mosquito which is sitting on various objects and, on next page, human’s hand (also in realistic drawing) come out and tried to slam/kill the mosquito with a palm, but it misses and the object under mesquite is damaged/broken/crashed.  Since the drawing is written such a realistic way, the reader (children) can place and overlay their palm onto the book and play around as if they are the ones tying to slam the mosquito.

First a few page are quite ordinal, as mosquito is firstly found on the piece of cake and palm came in and missed its attack and cake was smashed instead.  Then, mosquito found on top of building block toys and again a palm crashed the piled-blocks, then followed by Piano as object which leads to making squeaky sound after hitting the keyboard with a palm.  Then, the fun part (=Perspective drawing methods) kicks in.   While neglecting its actual size of Mosquito from this page onwards, a mosquito is now found onto the building in downtown and palm comes in and crashed the building.  Then, on next page, scene moves to the local park whereas people are relaxing around the water fountain. The mosquito then was found on top of statue inside the pond of water fountain and then a palm would crash entire park scene around the fountain including the statues as well.  Lastly, the mosquito was found on the moon and a palm comes in and crashed the moon itself and the story ends.

Well, this does not have much of characters nor story and it is super easy to read. But moreover, it would let the reader feel like they just became “Godzilla” and enjoy pretending to crash everything they saw including buildings or even moon!  I would recommend this book to those who wants to interact/play with kids while reading it.  I cannot keep track how many times my kids asked me to play with this book, crashing all those objects. 😊 

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


カ どこいった? [ 鈴木 のりたけ ]
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