の (A case particle “NO”)  

の A case particle “NO” junaida 福音館書店  2010s

Author : junaida  

Published : 2019  

Personal Recommendation : 5 years and older 

This concept of book is quite difficult as I need to explain the grammar of Japanese, but once you understand, this book can be quite mind-blowing as it covers not only artistic illustration perspective but some sort of parallel world’s perspective as well.  The author of this book is junaida and I have reviewed another edition of this author previously.  

The title of this book is “の” = (Pronounced “no”)  This “no” is a case particle, which a small word that follows a noun form to show how it relates grammatically to the following word or clause.  (similar to how prepositions function in English).  OK OK, I know what you wanna say.  “I kind of know that this “no” can relate one thing to another, but what the heck does that mean??  Right?  Well basically This book is about one illustration being related to next page’s illustration in miscrosopic/macroscopic ways and it forms one storyline. Let’s check out the storyline then. 

  • There is ME.  (Portrait of girl in red dress)  
  • This is my favorite red coat. 
  • There is the castle (toy) inside the pocket of red coat. 
  • There is room w/ awesome view on top of castle 
  • There is King-sized bed for King in that room 
  • On the bed, there is mini-sized yacht who seems as-if to be floating on the blue-silk bed covers 
  • There is light-house for that yacht 
  • Light house has the circus venue on the top. 
  • There is Crown in the venue 
  • Inside the Crown’s ear, there is tiny dwarf with pointy-green hat 
  • Pointy part of green hat is actually the mountain w/ trail. 
  • On the trail, there is library 
  • Library has books in shelves and each book has a gap in between. 
  • The gap is like alley and hedgehog who loves book resides. 
  • Etc etc  

In similar way, journey keep expanding and towards the end it landed as follows 

  • First Sunset ever seen 
  • And two kids looking at this sunset from classroom 
  • Outside the classroom, a girl in green dress is walking down comfortably breezy road which flowers with great scent are planted. 
  • Girl in green dress wears hat with follower-decoration which has same scent of above road. 
  • This green dress is her favorite coat. 
  • And inside the pocket of this girl’s green coat, here I am.  (=Mini-sized Girl with red coat from Page #1 is inside the pocket, looking outside from the pocket)   

After reading several pages,  I kind of expected that the scene in each page keeps jumping around and it would take readers nowhere. But I am totally surprised in a good way, it ended up coming back to the girl in red coat which showed up on Page #1.   This concept may not be easily apprehended by children but still illustration is beautiful every single page and thus I consider this book as “Art book for Adults who loves a bit wacky weird parallel world concept” 😊     Very beautiful illustration overall! 

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


の (福音館の単行本) [ junaida ]
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