Jah Jah Biri Biri /JahJahBiriBiri じゃあじゃあびりびり


Author : Noriko Matsui まついのりこ

Published : 1983

Personal recommendation : 0-3 years old

I believe this is the book all the family has (or at least read once) when they had a new-born baby.  This does not have story at all, but instead it introduced some object which makes sound and let the reader learn about Japanese Onomatopoeic word.  All the simple drawing is beautifully done in Primary colors and I am confident all the kids would enjoy this book visually, in addition to hearing fun onomatopoeic word.   This book has been around for last xxx years, but it has been best selling since. (believe all the book stores in Japan has at least one copy of this book) 

To give you an idea of contents, the story repeats in following format

  • Car goes “BUH BUH BUH” 
  • Dog barks “WAN WAN WAN” 
  • Paper tears up “BIRI BIRI BIRI” 
  • Vacuum cleaner goes “BUI-N, BUI-N, BUI-N” 
  • Railroad Crossing goes “KAN KAN KAN” 
  • Baby cries “EEN, EEN, EEN” 
  • Airplane flies “BU-N, BU-N, BU-N”
  • Cat says “NYAN NYAN NYAN”

Well that’s it!  8 objects in one book to complete the story.  It probably takes one min or so to read but I don’t remember how many times I have read this book for my kids in total.. Perhaps its vivid coloring or funny sound of above, kids love this book even before speaking.   Also this is great introduction for Japanese onomatopoeic expression to learn. This book is designed for infant and thus size of book is adult’s palm size and the thickness of page is intentionally made thick so that kids can open the pages easily.  So it is a great book to bring for family trip etc.  If you are thinking about this book as a gift, I would recommend to check to see if the recipient does not indeed have this book yet, because chances are they may have this copy already from their family or friend as gift. (That is how much this book is loved by all the people in Japan) 

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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