Author : HERVE TULLETエルヴェ・テュレ Hervé Tullet

Translation :  Shuntato Tanikawa たにかわしゅんたろう  

Published : 2014

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old and up

As previously reviewed, this is another series of Hervé Tullet’s book which allows kids to play with. The last reviewed book was more like playing games inside the book (and thus my personal recommendation was set from 0 to 3 years old).  But I felt this book is rather “learning tool” to understand how to make certain colors by mixing some basic color like Red/Yellow/Blue. Also, let you learn the brightness of color can be adjusted by mixing with black/white color, I rated this book’s target is 3-5 years old.

The concept of the book is similar to last-reviewed book of Hervé Tullet’s.  

  • Start with dot (but not perfect round dot. Rather finger-painted dot), it is suggested to tap this dot. 
  • And all the colorful dots start gathering around. 
  • Next , suggested the reader to place palm onto the page with so many dots and the white shape of palm shows up as if your palm is wiping off all those dots.
  • Next, text suggested to touch blue dot and touch yellow dot (as if you are mixing those two with finger) and green dot is made in next page. Followed by mixing dots to create Purple and Orange by mixing basic 3 colors. 
  • Then, Hervé signature trick “Shake the book”and “Move the book” kicks in. The reader should feel that every action will create some new shapes and colors in next page, children should feel the painted dot is not really “painted” but rather “wet” before dry so it can be moved around/slide onto the paper.  (Hervé’s illustration also helps on this illusion creation as well) 
  • Next section focuses on symmetry of shape between left and right page.  Text suggests to close book and open it again, so that left illustration is placed onto the right object and those two shapes are blended and having new color. 
  • Then, the lesson on brightness adjustment comes in. Big white dot (finger-painted like dot) appears, and text suggests the reader to touch and mix with others.  Similar exercise using black dot to darken each color was described afterwards.  In addition, how to make grey color is also explained in same fashion. 
  • Lastly, the same page of white-palm shape over many dots shows up and let you place your palm again onto this white shadow of palm and next page, all the white dots were back in the position, as if colors were printed back to the book page from your palm!

I believe this book is very useful when your kids would like to play with painting on the paper but have no paint or paper or even when you don’t want your kids to make a mess with paints. Simply because, kids should feel they are actually painting papers with their hands by reading/playing with this book.  In this regards, I think this is also great book for “on-the-go” occasions. (travel/restaurant etc) 😊 (although this isn’t small book to carry. So perhaps road trip maybe?)

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


いろいろいろのほん [ エルヴェ・テュレ ]
価格:1430円(税込、送料無料) (2021/11/5時点)

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