Henteko Shampoo /HenntekoShampoo (Strange Shampoo) ヘンテコシャンプー


Author : Tatsuya Miyanishi みやにしたつや

Published : 2015

Personal Recommendation : 3-5 years old and up

This is Mr. Tatsuya Miyanishi’s “Strange XYZ” series. (This time, it is “Shampoo”)  To some kids, shampooing their hair isn’t the most favorite thing to do during bath time. But this may be able to turn those kids into shampoo lover. Also, if your kid loves something strange and odd in general and if one loves mysterious phantom type of character, this could be better option for you to have.

Storyline is quite similar to my previous review “Strange Toothpaste” but here is the story line of the book.

  • There was a boy who don’t like shampooing as it gets hurt when bubble got into his eyes and he wishes that there is better and more fun way to do shampooing.
  • One day, he went to grocery story with him mom and found “Space Rocket” shaped shampoo bottle.  Brand Label of this shampoo says “Strange Shampoo“ with phantom man’s face logo.  Boy asked her mom to purchase this item.
  • On that night, a boy was excited to try this new shampoo and once he starts shampooing, all of sudden, he transformed into Rocket (Space Rocket face). But once the shampooing is done, he transformed back to normal.
  • Next day, he came to grocery store again with his mom and younger sister and found the beetle-shaped shampoo bottle (that he likes) and Penguin-shaped bottle (that she likes) and their mom got them for their kids.  On that night, a boy and his sister tried their shampoo bottles and (as you can easily guess by now) they both transformed into Beetle and Penguin face. But returned back to human shape after rinsing with hot water. 
  • Next day, they all went to the same store with dad and found “Godzilla-like” monster shaped shampoo bottle that Dad used to like when he was small.  Once he start shampooing, his body is getting taller and taller, breaking his house as it would not fit any more, and finally Dad became Titan with Godzilla face. 
  • “you all right, Dad?” says the son.  But all Dad can say is screaming GAOOOOOO voice.  All the neighbors came out from their house to see what’s going on outside but boy realized all the neighbors have been transformed into various shaped faces, such as TV, cactus, UFO, vase, car, chess, and clock etc, apparently they all used this “strange shampoo” brand.
  • Phantom came out laughing out loud saying, I love something STRANGE!  How great to see all the world is changing into STRNAGE world! Haha!” 
  • All of sudden, dark thick cloud came out and making thunder followed by heavy rain.  Phantom goes “Noooo!  Not this time of the day! “ 
  • Lightning strikes Godzilla and Godzilla (dad) fell down.  All the heavy rain then rinsed everyone away and everybody got back to normal human shape in town. 
  • In far distance, Phantom was blaming for this sudden rain and complaining about his bad luck. 
  • From that day onwards, no matter how hurt it gets in his eyes, Boy decided to keep using the original standard shampoo as he did not want to go thru that wired transformation anymore. End of story.

I personally like this story although Phantom is main character but has less appearance, resulting in keeping his mysterious existence.  Also, bothering people is bad thing but in this case, Phantom is simply being the criminal who takes delight in people’s reaction to his crime, but never planned or has done any serious crime in the book like robbery or stealing etc.  This fact makes the phantom more adorable character.

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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