Henteko Hamigakiko /HenntekoHamigakiko (Strange Toothpaste) ヘンテコはみがきこ


Author : Tatsuya Miyanishi みやにしたつや

Published : 2015

Personal Recommendation : 3-5 years old and up

This is Mr. Tatsuya Miyanishi’s “Strange XYZ” series. (This time, it is Toothpaste. Another story in same series is reviewed here.)  Kids loves something strange and odd. Kids loves mysterious phantom. Kids don’t usually love brushing their teeth voluntarily. If you think about those points altogether, who would NOT like this book’s storyline? 😊   Well, here is the story line of the book.

  • There was a boy who don’t like brushing teeth and wish that there is better taste of toothpaste than fresh-minty one.
  • One day, he went to grocery story with him mom and found “Apple flavored” toothpaste.  Label of this toothpaste says “Strange Toothpaste -Apple Flavored -“  Yet, boy asked her mom to get this item.
  • After eating Curry rice for dinner on that night, a boy was excited to try this new flavor and once he starts brushing, all of sudden, he transformed into apple (Big Apple face). But once the brushing teeth is done, he transformed back to normal.
  • Next day, he came to grocery store again with his mom and younger sister again and found the banana flavored toothpaste.  On that night, a boy and his sister tried this banana-flavored toothpaste and (as you can guess now) they both transformed into Banana (face) but returned back to human shape after tooth-brushing.
  • Next day, they all went to the same store with dad and found “cake” flavored toothpaste.  Once they all brushed teeth, they transformed into Strawberry cake, Chocolate cake , cheesecake and Mont Blanc (Chestnut cream cake) respectively. 
  • This time, even after toothbrush, they all stayed as cake form and they had to spend their daily life as cake shape. (going to school/commute to office etc)   On the way to school, Boy found the neighbor also turned into Sushi and Beer bottle (!) etc.  Once he reached to school, he found his classmates were turned into Orange, Ice cream on corn, Pineapple, Cream Puff, Pudding!   He realized “Oh!  They all must have used that “strange toothpaste”!”  
  • In school, due to their bigger heads, they had difficult time playing in the playground such as swing and Jungle Gym. 
  • At night, boy’s family watching news on TV and Anchorman with “Pork-cutlet over rice bowl” head reporting all those transforming incidents reported in that area. 
  • Suddenly, anchorman started spookily laughing and transforming into phantom with mask, saying “I am Strange Phantom. Thank you all for using my strange toothpaste. But it is all sold out by now. So you can start using your original (fresh mint) toothpaste and you will become…”
  • The next day, boy’s family are back to normal form as well as his classmates and teacher. From that day on forward, he didn’t want to go thru that wired transformation anymore, he decided to keep using the original standard toothpaste.  End of story.

I think there are several great key points in this book. (1) Transforming into something else like food etc is always amusing to kids (2) Phantom is creepy but somewhat cool (3) Giving opportunity to initiate the conversation with your kid to change the flavored-toothpaste (for kids) to standard toothpaste (for adult) when the time comes.   You can especially use this book to initiate (3) conversation, by joking/saying “What if your head turned into apple/strawberry/grape if you keep using this fruit-flavored toothpaste?” 😊

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ヘンテコはみがきこ [ 宮西達也 ]
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