GYU (HUG) ぎゅっ


Author : Jez Alborough ジェズ・オールバラ

Published : 2000

Personal recommendation : 0-3 years old and up

I know this isn’t really “Japanese” Children’s book. But I have read this Japanese version of HUG by Jez Alborough for my children SO MANY times, as we all LOVE this book. Thus, this is MUST-post book for me here.  Trust me you would feel like giving BIG Hug to your children once you read this book.

This book has probably been in translated in so many languages I assume. Well, I am not surprised at all as it contains beautiful colorful illustrations, less text yet provide strong yet touching story for all the readers regardless of regions/race/genders.  If you or your child has not read this book, I highly recommend even if the reader is 1 or 2 years old.  Especially this is great “intro” book for those who just learned their alphabet/characters of their own language, as it contains only a few words in the book.   Some people should be wondering “A few words as text in the book? How is it possible to become “Touching story??”   Well, let me tell you why it is so.  Here is the story line.  (FYI : The book title of this Japanese edition “Gyu” is the onomatopoeic sound of HUG, just like describing the sound of “squeezing something/someone”) 

  • A little monkey (name is JOJO, which we will find out later in the book) is walking alone around the jungle and saw pair of elephants (a parent and a child) are hugging. JOJO pointed out and said “Gyu!” 
  • He then found pair of Chamereons and a pair of snakes hugging each other. JOJO again pointed out and said “Gyu!”
  • They he started walking again but looking sad. Those pairs of animals are looking at JOJO wondering what is going on.  Elephants came by and bigger elephant (parent elephant) picked JOJO up by long nose. JOJO said “Gyu!” to the elephant. 
  • Elephant put JOJO on its head and they started walking again.  Then, JOJO found mother Lion is playing and hugging with their baby lions. “Gyu!” says JOJO.
  • JOJO looked around and saw a pair of giraffe hugging (around the neck) and family of Hippo playing together.  “gyu..” says JOJO.  
  • As he could not take it anymore, he screamed “GYU!!!” and then start whispering “…gyu…” with sobbing tears. 
  • Far from distance, somebody was approaching.  “JOJO—!!!!” saying his mother, rushing to JOJO.   JOJO turned his neck realizing mom has came and start running to his mom, shouting “MAMA—!”
  • Next page, JOJO and MAMA are hugging tight and all the animals around them all saying “Gyu!”  
  • JOJO gave hug to the nose of bigger elephant saying “Gyu!” to appreciate their effort to bring JOJO here.  Finally, with great joy to get to meet his mother, JOJO screamed “GYU!!” 
  • At last page, JOJO and Mama holding hands calling “MAMA” “JOJO” each other.

Well, as mentioned, there are only 3 texts in the book.   “Gyu” “JOJO” and “MAMA”.  But with such short wording, it gives the message how strong the love between mother and child is. Unlike Wester countries, we Japanese don’t have much of “hugging” culture, but when kids are small, I believe hugging is necessary for kids that they are loved. This book taught me important lesson and every time I read this book,  I make sure I give big hug to my children to let them feel exactly what JOJO felt in this book.😊

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


ぎゅっ [ ジェズ・オールバラ ]
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