Gorilla no Panya San/Gorillanopanyasan (Gorilla of the Bakery Shop) ゴリラのパンやさん


Text : Mikako Shiraishi   白石三香子

Illustration : Akio Watanabe 渡辺あきお

Published : 1991

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old

Diversity Inclusion is the trend word in Japan.  Since Japan historically has less immigrants compared other countries, although we are aware of the concept, but it is quite difficulty to exercise this action.  Yet, this book will surely help to teach Children that we should never judge people by appearance. 

In the very front page of this book, the author Ms. Mikako Shirai gave comments that “People tend to judge others by appearance, birth-place, how they grew up and unfortunately tend to hold somewhat hostile feeling to other people from difference background.   Those People who judge others would not realize how pity and said it is, until they become the ones who were judged by others.  Small Children are quite smarter than adult and know how to get along with new people without judging people. I wish the readers of this book will learn the important lesson and keep having their current attitude even after becoming adults in the future”   

Here is the storyline. 

  • In the end of fall season, the gorilla opened the bakery on the hill. 
  • The smell of bread baking allures the group of hens to the bakery.  Hen said “Hello. Anybody there? Can we get some bread?”   Gorilla came out from the back of bakery “Yes I am here. Thanks for coming to my shop”
  • Hen did not expect this big scary-looking gorilla came out to the cashier. So they decided to run away without buying bread.   “Well, did I show up too suddenly and ended up scaring them??  I should probably not stay in the back of the store.” Says Gorilla.
  • Next, “Hello. Anybody there?  Can I get some bread?” says the Sheep.  “YES of course” says the Gorilla.   Yet, once found out it was Gorilla, The sheep also run away without looking back.   “Well, I should have put some smile on my face when I talk to customer” says gorilla.
  • Next , the racoon came to the shop.  Gorilla put the biggest smile and says “Welcome to my store!”  but with big white teeth, The racoon got scared and run away. 
  • No bread was sold on that day.  On that night, Gorilla was thinking what he should do the next day by looking at all those breads left. 
  • Next morning, the group of Rabbit Kids came by.   The Gorilla put the Monkey-shaped finger-doll on his finger and says “Welcome to my bakery”   Rabbits were excited about this cute finger-doll bakery and says “Yuppy.  Can I get Chocolate-chip bread?”  “Can I get Cream-custard bread?”  
  • From the corner of store, the fox came out. As he was known as “Mean Fox”, he told the rabbits to wait until Fox buys the bread.   Rabbit says “No we came here first. You should wait in line”    Fox says “No me first” and he hit the finger-doll.  
  • “Who punched my finger!”  Soon after Fox realized it was Gorilla’s finger, Fox started running away. 
  • “Shoot… I brew it…” Gorilla says and tried to hid in the showcase of the bread behind, as he believe it scared the rabbits as well.  However, Rabbits saying “Hey, Mr, Gorilla the bakery man. Can I still get the Chocolate bread?”  “Can I get Cream-custard bread?””
  • From next day, those small rabbits came to Gorilla’s bakery everyday to get their favorite bread and they also brought their friends as well.  Soon after, the Gorilla’s bakery shop is all the forest friends’ favorite store. 

As described, the key message of this book is very clear. I really wanted to review this book as my kid played roles as this gorilla in his school play and emotionally attached to this story. But nonetheless, this is great book to introduce the concept of Diversity inclusion for sure.

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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