DOUBUTSU NO OKAASAN /Doubutsunookaasan (Animal Mothers) どうぶつのおかあさん

1970s or earlier

Author : Atsushi Komori / Masayuki Yabuuchi  小森厚/ 薮内正幸

Published : 1977

Personal recommendation : 0- 3 years old

Though this is indeed picture book for kids, but I would call this book as “animal visual book”.   These pictorials are written in such realistic fashion and also each explain how each animal’s mother carry their children to another location. You can actually learn much more about each animal’s behaviors and its differences while reading this book.  This is quite classic book (in 1977) but even my children enjoys reading this book still. 

The story/composition of the story is quite simple. On each page, different animal (mother and her kid(s)) shows up and text explains how each species carry their kids.

  • Cat :  Mother Cat carry her kittens by her month (soft bite around kids’ neck) 
  • Lion :  Mother Lion also carry her baby by her mouth (soft bite around kids head) 
  • Monkey : Mother monkey carry her baby by letting him hold mon’s berry while mother moves with 4 arms+legs.   
  • Chimpanzee : Mother Chimpanzee hold her kids in her arm and move around.
  • Koala : Mother Koala carry her baby in mom’s back.
  • Sloth :  Mother Sloth carry her baby on her belly 
  • Kangaroo : Mother Kangaroo carry her baby in the small pocket on mom’s belly. 
  • Elephant :  Mother Elephant carry her baby by nudging the baby by her nose and let the baby walk by themselves.
  • Zebra :  Child Zebra follows mom
  • Wild Boar :  Baby Wild Boars follow behind the mom by forming group.
  • Hedgehog : Baby hedgehogs lining up and follows right behind the mother 

Not only learning behavioral difference based on species, but this also gives universal principle that “all the mother loves their kids”.  Such comments are not written in the book, but by listing all those behaviors described above, kids would under-consciously feels the love from their mother.  

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら

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