おおかみだあ!  WOLF is approaching!  (Original title : Au secours, voilà le loup! ) 

Book review : おおかみだあ! Au secours, voilà le loup! by Cédric Ramadier & Vincent Bourgeau. Storyline : Scary wolf is coming closer and closer to get you. What would you do to protect yourself?

つぎはわたしのばん (Next is My Turn)

Book Review : つぎはわたしのばん (Next is my turn) by いもとようこ Yoko Imoto. Animal friends are at clinic waiting in line to take a shot with sharp needle. Do they all have a courage to take a shot or run away?

タタタタ (TATATATA) Run Run Run Run  

Book review : タタタタ (TATATATA) "Run Run Run Run" by Youi Ritou りとうようい. Cheetah is running and everybody thought he was on the hunt, but he actually is running away from his "phobia".

けしゴムのゴムタとゴムゾー  (Eraser GOMUTA and Eraser GOMUZO) 

Book review : けしゴムのゴムタとゴムゾー (Gomuta and Gomuzo) By Mafumi Kato かとうまふみ. Story about two erasers. Will Hard-working GOMUTA and Stay-Cool-Wannabe GOMUZO become true friends each other?

よるくま (Night Bear)  YORUKUMA

Book review : よるくま (Night Bear) YORUKUMA by Komako Sakai 酒井駒子. Japanese version of “Goodnight Moon”. That is the first thing comes to my mind when I read this book. Story about Boy and Little Bear's Night adventure looking for bear's mom.