にげてさがして ”Run Away and Seek”

Book Review : にげてさがして by Shinsuke Yoshitake ヨシタケシンスケ. "You can move in order to change yourself. Or you can move so that your don’t change yourself" This books tells you the importance of running-away as needed.

の (A case particle “NO”)  

Book review of " の " (A case particle “NO”) by junaida : This is rather art book than children's book. Beautiful illustration, yet each page is somewhat connected like parallel world!

ノラネコぐんだん いろいろさがしえブック (“Find Wild-Cat Squad” Photo Book) 

Book review of ノラネコぐんだん いろいろさがしえブック written by Noriko Kudoh 工藤ノリコ. This photo book is Wild-Cat Squad's version of "I SPY", letting the kids spot the designated characters of Wild-Cat Squad each page.

おにぎりにんじゃ おこめがはまのけっせん (Rice-Ball Ninja : Battle of Rice-beach)

おにぎりにんじゃ おこめがはまのけっせん Onigiri Ninja (Rice-Ball Ninja) by Yuka Kitamura 北村裕花.   Another edition of Rice-Ball Ninja. This time, NINJA is on the mission to find out stolen sandals and ended up fighting with Big Octopus on the beach.

ねこのピート はじめてのがっこう  Pete the Cat Rocking in my school shoes

Book review : ねこのピート はじめてのがっこう  Pete the Cat Rocking in my school shoes by Eric Litwin エリック・リトウィン. This book teaches kids “Encountering something new is awesome thing.”

あきらがあけてあげるから Let Me (=AKIRA) Open That For You

Book Review : あきらがあけてあげるから by Shinsuke Yoshitake ヨシタケシンスケ. A Boy named AKIRA has obsession about opening things. Towards the end of story, he finds big love from his dad related to his obsession of "opening things".

ゆめぎんこう Dream Bank (YUMEGINKOU)

ゆめぎんこう (Dream Bank) by Aki Kondo コンドウアキ : Story like = What if there is a bank who deals with dream instead of money?

どんぶりん (Rice Bowl)  DONBURIN 

Book : "どんぶりん" DONBURIN by Hiroyuki Arai 新井洋行. This book is purely focusing on all those Rice Bowl meals and will be a good eating-habit intro for people outside of Japan.

おやさいしろくま (Vegetable White Bear) 

Book review : おやさいしろくま Vegetable White Bear by Keiko Shibata 柴田ケイコ. White bear who loves certain food is day-dreaming “What if I am inside this food” situation.

おばけのマールとゆきまつり (MA-RU The Ghost & Snow Festival) 

Japanese Children's Book review of おばけのマールとゆきまつり by けーたろう Ke-Tarou なかいれい Rei Nakai. Adventure of MA-RU the Ghost to the Snow Festival.