ノラネコぐんだん ふねにのる (Noraneko Gundan’s going on board)

Review : ノラネコぐんだん ふねにのる (Noraneko Gundan's going on board) by Noriko Kudo 工藤ノリコ. This book is for Japanese children who would like to learn simple English vocabularies, but it is also good way for non-Japanese to learn Japanese as well, vice versa.

たまごのはなし (Story of Egg) TamagonoHanashi

Book review : たまごのはなし (Story of Egg) by Mamiko Shiotani しおたにまみこ. This book teaches the reader essential life lessons, such as "Importance of stand up and move spontaneously", "Don’t hesitate to speak out" etc.

うちにパンダがいるよ 我家有熊猫  (We have Panda in the house)

Book review "うちにパンダがいるよ 我家有熊猫" by Amei To 唐亜明 Jun Takabatake 高畠純. Very unique (somewhat bizarre) storyline about a Girl and Talking Panda, published in 2021.

あけましておめでとう (A Happy New Year!)

Book review "あけましておめでとう" A Happy New Year! by Hirotaka Nakayama 中山ひろたか Yasunari Murakami 村上康成. Through this book, readers can get to learn Japanese Traditional culture of New Year's Day.

11ぴきのねこ どろんこ (11 Cats : Muddy)

Book review : 11ぴきのねこ どろんこ (11 Cats : Muddy) by Noboru Baba 馬場のぼる. Classic Famous & Popular book series of 11 cats on adventure. This time, they get to meet new dinosaur friend.

あかいしろくま (Red White Bear)/ Akai Shirokuma

Book Review : あかいしろくま(Red White Bear) Akai Shirokuma by Keiko Shibata 柴田ケイコ. Story about White Bear who is obsessed with anything "Red".