Maruchan no taoru / Maruchannotaoru (Shiba-dog Maru’s Towel) まるちゃんのタオル

Book Review : "まるちゃんのタオル" Maruchan no taoru (Shiba-dog Maru’s Towel) by Yoko Sasaki ささきようこ. This book teaches you the importance of prioritizing the weak.
1970s or earlier

DOUBUTSU NO OKAASAN /Doubutsunookaasan (Animal Mothers) どうぶつのおかあさん

Book Review : "どうぶつのおかあさん" (Animal Mothers) by Atsushi Komori / Masayuki Yabuuchi / 小森厚 / 薮内正幸. This book includes Realistic illustrations & Love from mothers.

Darumasanto/Darumasan To (Mr. Daruma and) だるまさんと

Book Review : introduction : だるまさんと Darumasan To (Mr. Daruma and) by かがくいひろし Hiroshi Kagakui. This book is the #3 of its popular trilogies. This time, Mr. Daruma and His friends rhythmically keeps dancing as a pair!

Wanibou no Yukidaruma / Wanibounoyukidaruma (Alligator Jr’s snowman) ワニぼうのゆきだるま

Book Review : ワニぼうのゆきだるま (Alligator Jr’s snowman) by Rintaro Uchida / Jun Takabatake  内田麟太郎 / 高畠純. This book would teach the perspective of Japanese people's appreciation for seasonal transition.

Maruchan no Kenka / Maruchannokenka (Shiba-dog Maru’s quarreling) まるちゃんのけんか

Book Review : まるちゃんのけんか Maruchan no Kenka (Shiba-dog Maru’s quarreling) by Yoko Sasaki ささきようこ. This book is about "How to make up with your friend after quarreling".

A I U E ONSEN /A-I-U-E-ONSEN (“A-I-U-E-O” Hot-spring)  あいうえおんせん

Book Review :あいうえおんせん A-I-U-E-ONSEN (“A-I-U-E-O” Hot-spring) by 林木林 Kirin Hayashi. This book is about "Learning HIRAGANA Japanese Alphabet + Enjoy ONSEN (Hot-spring) !!"

Kyouhu no Shiritori /Kyouhunoshirotori (“Shirotori” wording game of terror)  きょうふのしりとり

Book Review : きょうふのしりとり (Kyouhunoshirotori) by 武田美穂 Miho Takeda. This book's theme is “Shirotori”. Boys decided to do Shiritori game.  One rule : Word one can come up with should be something of terror (=makes them scared).  

Jah Jah Biri Biri /JahJahBiriBiri じゃあじゃあびりびり

Book Review : じゃあじゃあびりびり (JahJahBiriBiri) by Noriko Matsui まついのりこ. One of the classics but best selling book. Perfect Gift for New-Born Baby. Learn Japanese Onomatopoeic word.
1970s or earlier

Ofurode Chapu Chapu / OfurodeChapuChapu (Have fun taking a bath) おふろでちゃぷちゃぷ

Book Review "おふろでちゃぷちゃぷ" Ofurode Chapu Chapu by 岩崎ちひろ Chihiro Iwasaki. One of Classics Children's book in Japan !! Teaching how fun bath-taking is.