BAMU to KERO no Samui Asa /BamuToKeroNoSamuiAsa (BAM and KERO’s : One cold morning) バムとケロのさむいあさ

Review for "BAMU to KERO no Samui Asa" (BAM and KERO’s : One cold morning) バムとケロのさむいあさ by Yuka Shimada 島田ゆか. Heart-Warming Story of Popular BAM and KERO Series.

Kotori no Uchi / KotorinoUchi (Aunt BABA and Bird’s Houses) ことりのうち

Book Review : ことりのうち (Aunt BABA and Bird’s Houses) by Wakiko Sato さとうわきこ. Great Story of Very Popular Aunt BABA Series.

Henteko Shampoo /HenntekoShampoo (Strange Shampoo) ヘンテコシャンプー

Book Review : ヘンテコシャンプー (Strange Shampoo) by Tatsuya Miyanishi みやにしたつや. Why don't you try this strange shampoo for transformation !?!

GYU (HUG) ぎゅっ

Book Review : ぎゅっ (HUG) by Jez Alborough ジェズ・オールバラ. Very less text in this book but once you read, you will want to hug your kid afterwards.

Nakayoshi (Getting along together) なかよし

Book Review : なかよし (Getting along together) Nakayoshi by Wakiko Sato  さとうわきこ. Classic Yet Popular book for past 4 decades!

Henteko Hamigakiko /HenntekoHamigakiko (Strange Toothpaste) ヘンテコはみがきこ

Book Review : ヘンテコはみがきこ (Strange Toothpaste) by Tatsuya Miyanishi みやにしたつや. Why don't you try this strange toothpaste for transformation !?!?

Otosan Mouikkai Takai Takai (One more Papa) おとうさん もういっかい たかいたかい

Book Review introduction : "おとうさん もういっかい たかいたかい" (One more Papa) by Koshiro Hata はたこうしろう. Command Daddy the Robot to move forward!
1970s or earlier

Momotaro (“Momotaro” the Peach Boy) ももたろう

Book Review : ももたろう (Momotaro the Peach Boy) by Tadashi Matsui 松居直 Suekichi Akaba 赤羽末吉. Probably the most famous Japanese folklore.
1970s or earlier

Naniwo Tabete Kitano / Naniwotabetekinano (What have you eaten?) なにをたべてきたの?

Book Review : "なにをたべてきたの?" (What have you eaten?) by Eriko Kishida 岸田衿子 Hirokazu Nagano 長野博一. Popular book for last 40 years!

Minna de Dourokouji / Minnadedourokouji (Road Construction) みんなでどうろこうじ

Book Review : みんなでどうろこうじ (Road Construction) by Fumiko Takeuchi 竹内文子 Mamoru Suzuki 鈴木まもる. Almost Documentary of Road Construction Process !