Darumasanno/Darumasan No (Mr. Daruma’s) だるまさんの


Author : Hiroshi Kagakui かがくいひろし

Published : 2009

Personal recommendation : 0- 3 years old

This book is the #2 of its trilogies. (Yet, you don’t necessarily need to own #1 to enjoy this book. The story is not related to #1 nor #3 and thus, you can start from any of trilogy edition. 

In this book, The main character Mr. Daruma (Daruma-san) rhythmically keeps showing off his body parts as pages goes by.  This is why Title of this book is “Mr. Daruma’s” 

While the small reader learned 「が」 (=is/are), this book would be great way to let the reader learn the postpositional particle 「の」, as all the pages consist of repeat of “Mr. Daruma’s XXXX”. If the reader competes all 3 trilogies, they can naturally understand the concept of those particle’s differences.

Just like #1, the structure of storyline is quite simple.  1st page goes Mr. Daruma keeps dancing and chanting “DA-RU-MA-SA-N-NO”.  And if you flip the next page, Mr. Daruma shows off his body parts.  The rest of story/page structure stays the same (Dance& Chant -> Show off his body parts)   Kids loves when Mr. Daruma shows off his hair (which Daruma does not have) or tail (which he is not supposed to have).  

If your child sit on your knees while reading book, you can swing your body while changing “ DA RU MA SA N GA” just like Mr. Daruma is doing in the book and your kid will love its motion as well as heartwarming design touch of Mr. Daruma Character. 

This is also great gift for the family with new child. All 3 trilogy combo is also available.

You can purchase this book here.  広告はこちら


だるまさんの [ かがくい ひろし ]
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