Daisukidayo (I like you a lot) だいすきだよ


Text ;  Kayo Mabe 間部香代

Illustration : Saeko Hirokawa ひろかわさえこ

Published : 2018

Personal recommendation : 0-3 years old

I have reviewed dozens of books here in this blog. Some of which include the picture book which will let you play physically. (Like this and this)   This book actually goes beyond and it comes with original song (music score) to sing along.  If you can play pianos or any sort, you can enjoy this book repeatedly, rather than reading once and put it in the bookshelves. (Unfortunately, I cannot play any instruments nor cannot read the music score. It’s a pity that I cannot review this original song. 😊 )

The author intended to target this book for smaller children like 2-4 years old and all the storyline as well as illustration are beautifully done to accommodate small-children-friendliness.    Thus, this book is for everyone regardless of regions/ages/generations. 

Storyline is as follows

  • There is a frog who loves to sing and he wanted to hold the concert today for everybody who lives in that area. Yet, Frog herself cannot throw live concert, her music-loving friends start gathering to participate. 
  • Little Piggy shows up his drum and Squirrel plays role as back-stage dancer. Mole throwing Petals in the sky to create unique yet beautiful sound effect to match with Frog’s voice.  Once they all started their gig, the raindrop started falling down from sky. 
  • Since Frog loves water in nature, Frog was very excited about these sudden rain whereas others are not so much. They rush to the shade under the tree nearby and confessed to Frog that they don’t really like Rains to fall down during concert, 
  • To Cheer everybody up, Frog decided to sing solo for his band members. While song continues, the rain stops and all the blue sly comes out in the sky. 
  • Under the blue sly, the entire members (Frog, Mole and Squirrel) happily sing a song saying “Getting along together forever cause we as friends like each other♪”   And once they realized, they were surrounded by all the big audience of small animals there.   (End of Story) 

Though not knowing the melody, but as I read the original song’s lyrics, all above contents are nicely incorporated to reproduce the concept/world of this book’s set-up. Also, the great message of “we are not the same but we all like each other because we are friend after all” are strongly stated in the lyrics.

You can purchase this book here. 広告はこちら


だいすきだよ (たんぽぽえほんシリーズ) [ 間部香代 ]
価格:1320円(税込、送料無料) (2021/11/10時点)

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