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A I U E ONSEN /A-I-U-E-ONSEN (“A-I-U-E-O” Hot-spring)  あいうえおんせん

Book Review :あいうえおんせん A-I-U-E-ONSEN (“A-I-U-E-O” Hot-spring) by 林木林 Kirin Hayashi. This book is about "Learning HIRAGANA Japanese Alphabet + Enjoy ONSEN (Hot-spring) !!"

Kyouhu no Shiritori /Kyouhunoshirotori (“Shirotori” wording game of terror)  きょうふのしりとり

Book Review : きょうふのしりとり (Kyouhunoshirotori) by 武田美穂 Miho Takeda. This book's theme is “Shirotori”. Boys decided to do Shiritori game.  One rule : Word one can come up with should be something of terror (=makes them scared).  
1970s or earlier

Hyakumankai Ikita Neko / Hyakumankaiikitaneko / (The Cat who lived a million times) / 100万回生きたねこ / 100まんかいいきたねこ

Book Review : 100万回生きた猫 / 100まんかいいきたねこ (The Cat who lived a million times) by Yoko Sato 佐藤洋子. Famous moving story about Cat who lived a million times.

Youkai Ryouri Banzuke / Youkairyouribanzuke (Ghost/Goblin/Monster’s meal ranking list)ようかいりょうりばんづけ

Book Review introduction : ようかいりょうりばんづけ by Akifumi Sawano  澤野秋文. This book is about "Restaurant Gourmet Rankings for Japanese Ghosts !!!"

Nandarou Nandarou / NandarouNandarou (I am wondering what this is.) なんだろうなんだろう

Book Review: なんだろうなんだろう NandarouNandarou by ヨシタケシンスケ Shinsuke Yoshitake.  This book will question you "What is Life? What is Self? What is Forgiveness? What is Justice?".

Konoato Dou Shichaou / Konoatodoushichaou (What should I do now?) このあとどうしちゃおう

Book Review introduction "Konoato Dou Shichaou" (What should I do now?) このあとどうしちゃおう by Shinsuke Yoshitake  ヨシタケシンスケ. "What's the life after Death like?"