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にげてさがして ”Run Away and Seek”

Book Review : にげてさがして by Shinsuke Yoshitake ヨシタケシンスケ. "You can move in order to change yourself. Or you can move so that your don’t change yourself" This books tells you the importance of running-away as needed.

の (A case particle “NO”)  

Book review of " の " (A case particle “NO”) by junaida : This is rather art book than children's book. Beautiful illustration, yet each page is somewhat connected like parallel world!

あきらがあけてあげるから Let Me (=AKIRA) Open That For You

Book Review : あきらがあけてあげるから by Shinsuke Yoshitake ヨシタケシンスケ. A Boy named AKIRA has obsession about opening things. Towards the end of story, he finds big love from his dad related to his obsession of "opening things".

ゆめぎんこう Dream Bank (YUMEGINKOU)

ゆめぎんこう (Dream Bank) by Aki Kondo コンドウアキ : Story like = What if there is a bank who deals with dream instead of money?

よろしくともだち (How do you do, My Friend?) YoroshikuTomodachi

Japanese Children Book's Storyline and Review of "よろしくともだち Yoroshiku Tomodachi" by Rintaro Uchida  内田麟太郎

たまごのはなし (Story of Egg) TamagonoHanashi

Book review : たまごのはなし (Story of Egg) by Mamiko Shiotani しおたにまみこ. This book teaches the reader essential life lessons, such as "Importance of stand up and move spontaneously", "Don’t hesitate to speak out" etc.

うちにパンダがいるよ 我家有熊猫  (We have Panda in the house)

Book review "うちにパンダがいるよ 我家有熊猫" by Amei To 唐亜明 Jun Takabatake 高畠純. Very unique (somewhat bizarre) storyline about a Girl and Talking Panda, published in 2021.

ぼくのニセモノをつくるには  How to make “fake myself”

Book review : ぼくのニセモノをつくるには by Shinsuke Yoshitake  ヨシタケシンスケ. This book is about the boy who is expanding his imagination how to make Fake Himself as realistic as possible. Eventually, he finds what makes him HIMSELF in philosophical way.

ともだちくるかな (Wonder if my friend is coming?) Tomodachi Kurukana

Book review "ともだちくるかな" (Wonder if my friend is coming?) by Rintaro Uchida 内田麟太郎 Nana Furiya 降矢なな. Story of Wolf and Fox's friendship. What would happen if you decide to throw your heart/feeling away?

ごめんね、ともだち (Sorry, Friend)

Book review : "ごめんね、ともだち" (Sorry, friend) by Rintaro Uchida 内田麟太郎 Nana Furiya  降矢なな. All I have to do is to say I am sorry. But I just cannot do it..!!