For 3-5 years old

1970s or earlier

Naniwo Tabete Kitano / Naniwotabetekinano (What have you eaten?) なにをたべてきたの?

Book Review : "なにをたべてきたの?" (What have you eaten?) by Eriko Kishida 岸田衿子 Hirokazu Nagano 長野博一. Popular book for last 40 years!

Minna de Dourokouji / Minnadedourokouji (Road Construction) みんなでどうろこうじ

Book Review : みんなでどうろこうじ (Road Construction) by Fumiko Takeuchi 竹内文子 Mamoru Suzuki 鈴木まもる. Almost Documentary of Road Construction Process !

Mouchotto Mouchotto /Mouchottomouchotto (A bit more. Too close) もうちょっと もうちょっと

Book Review : "もうちょっともうちょっと" (A bit more. Too close) by Yuichi Kimura きむらゆういち and Jun Takabatake 高畠純. Importance of Cooperation ! This book teaches the Importance of Cooperation !

Ohayo! Shuushuusha (Good morning! Garbage truck!) おはよう!しゅうしゅうしゃ

Book Review : "おはよう!しゅうしゅうしゃ" (Good morning! Garbage truck!) by Fumiko Takeuchi 竹内文子 Mamoru Suzuki 鈴木まもる. Let you learn and appreciate Garbage Truck's daily work.

TAKOYAN / TAKO YAN (Mr. Octopus comes to my house) タコやん

Book Review : "タコやん" TAKOYAN (Mr. Octopus comes to my house) by Yoko Tomiyasu 富安陽子 Shinbo Minami 南伸坊. Friendship between Boy & Mr. Octopus ! Quite Touching!

Omochi no Kimochi /Omochinokimochi (Feeling of Rice Cake) おもちのきもち

Book Review : おもちのきもち "Feeling of Rice Cake" by Hiroshi Kagakui かがくいひろし. This book is about "Have you ever wondered how Rice-cake feels about themselves?"

Wanibou no Yamanobori / Wanibounoyamanobori (Alligator Jr’s mountain climbing) ワニぼうのやまのぼり

Book Review : "ワニぼうのやまのぼり" Wanibou no Yamanobori (Alligator Jr’s mountain climbing) by Rintaro Uchida, Jun Takabatake,  内田麟太郎, 高畠純. This book is about "Seasonal Appreciation for beautiful Autumn!"

Maruchan no taoru / Maruchannotaoru (Shiba-dog Maru’s Towel) まるちゃんのタオル

Book Review : "まるちゃんのタオル" Maruchan no taoru (Shiba-dog Maru’s Towel) by Yoko Sasaki ささきようこ. This book teaches you the importance of prioritizing the weak.

Wanibou no Yukidaruma / Wanibounoyukidaruma (Alligator Jr’s snowman) ワニぼうのゆきだるま

Book Review : ワニぼうのゆきだるま (Alligator Jr’s snowman) by Rintaro Uchida / Jun Takabatake  内田麟太郎 / 高畠純. This book would teach the perspective of Japanese people's appreciation for seasonal transition.

Maruchan no Kenka / Maruchannokenka (Shiba-dog Maru’s quarreling) まるちゃんのけんか

Book Review : まるちゃんのけんか Maruchan no Kenka (Shiba-dog Maru’s quarreling) by Yoko Sasaki ささきようこ. This book is about "How to make up with your friend after quarreling".