For 0-3 years old


Kokokara Dashite Kure / Kokokaradashitekure (Original title : Au secours, sortez-moi de là ! ) ここからだしてくれー! (Get me out of here!)

Book Review : ここからだしてくれー!(Au secours, sortez-moi de là ! ) by Vincent Bourgeau, Cédric Ramadier. French book which will let you physically play with!
1970s or earlier

DOUBUTSU NO OKAASAN /Doubutsunookaasan (Animal Mothers) どうぶつのおかあさん

Book Review : "どうぶつのおかあさん" (Animal Mothers) by Atsushi Komori / Masayuki Yabuuchi / 小森厚 / 薮内正幸. This book includes Realistic illustrations & Love from mothers.

Darumasanto/Darumasan To (Mr. Daruma and) だるまさんと

Book Review : introduction : だるまさんと Darumasan To (Mr. Daruma and) by かがくいひろし Hiroshi Kagakui. This book is the #3 of its popular trilogies. This time, Mr. Daruma and His friends rhythmically keeps dancing as a pair!

Jah Jah Biri Biri /JahJahBiriBiri じゃあじゃあびりびり

Book Review : じゃあじゃあびりびり (JahJahBiriBiri) by Noriko Matsui まついのりこ. One of the classics but best selling book. Perfect Gift for New-Born Baby. Learn Japanese Onomatopoeic word.
1970s or earlier

Ofurode Chapu Chapu / OfurodeChapuChapu (Have fun taking a bath) おふろでちゃぷちゃぷ

Book Review "おふろでちゃぷちゃぷ" Ofurode Chapu Chapu by 岩崎ちひろ Chihiro Iwasaki. One of Classics Children's book in Japan !! Teaching how fun bath-taking is.
1970s or earlier

ButaTanukiKitsuneNeko / Buta Tanuki Kitsune Neko (Pig, Racoon, Fox and Cat) ぶたたぬききつねねこ

Book Review Buta Tanuki Kitsune Neko (Pig, Racoon, Fox and Cat) ぶたたぬききつねねこ by Noboru Baba 馬場のぼる. Learning "SHIRITORI" game with fun!

Darumasanno/Darumasan No (Mr. Daruma’s) だるまさんの

Book review for "Mr. Daruma is" (だるまさんの) by Hiroshi Kagakui かがくいひろし : Episode #2 of Best-Selling Trilogy "Darumasan no"

Darumasanga/Darumasan Ga (Mr. Daruma is) だるまさんが

Review for "Darumasanga" (Mr. Daruma is) だるまさんが by Hiroshi Kagakui  かがくいひろし. Episode #1 of Best Selling Trilogy : Must-Have!