BAMU to KERO no Samui Asa /BamuToKeroNoSamuiAsa (BAM and KERO’s : One cold morning) バムとケロのさむいあさ


Author : Yuka Shimada 島田ゆか

Published : 1996

Personal Recommendation : 3-5 years old and up.

This is Author Yuka Shimada’s popuar BAM and KERO Series. (BAM : Dog’s name,  KERO :  Frog’s name)  In this series, those two guys go thru some troubles in their daily life and all those events are described in very entertaining way.  As you can guess from this book’s title, today’s story is based on the event on one cold day, where BAM and KERO decided to check on the pond in their place’s backyard as it should be frozen due to cold weather.  Here is the story line.

  • On any given Tuesday morning, BAM woke up and realized his nose is very cold. A good sign of very cold day ahead. He assumes that pond in their backyard should be frozen.
  • He stood up, wash face, make hot soup for breakfast and make their body warm, picking up ice skating boots and fishing gears, getting read to go to the pond.
  • As they reached, BAM found out he was right about the weather and entire Pond has been frozen. While they are wearing ice-skating boots, they heard some strange noise. 
  • They checked in the middle of pond and they realized the duck got stuck in the frozen pond.  “Oh no, we gotta help him!”  BAM & KERO slides on the frozen pond, use fishing gears to make hole in the ice surface, rescued him from ice pond. They let the duck have nice warm bath at their place and unfreeze the duck gently.   
  • BAM and KERO also jumped into the bath tab and spray hot water and wash the duck and the duck starts feeling better. 
  • They found out the duck’s name is KAI.  While BAM using drier to dry up KAI’s feathers, KERO trying to be great host for KAI. KERO brough his jacket for KAI, but it was way too small to wear for KAI. Instead, KERO brough many of his toys to let KAI play with, but KAI ended up being swamped among piles of toys. 
  • It appears KERO would like to make friends with KAI and doing everything he can to draw KAI’s attention.  Even after snack time, KERO asked KAI to move to the living room.  While BAM had no choice but cleaning dishes after snack time, he realized KERO is going back and forth between living room and toilet room
  • Feeling suspicious, BAM entered living room, he saw BAM is playing “Mummy”, which he is wrapping everything with toilet papers including sofa, cushion, plant in the vase, chair, books, bags, coffee table.  KERO even wrapped KAI and KERO himself to turn them into mummies as well.
  • After having so much fun, feeling tired, they all fell asleep on the sofa.  Next day, when BAM & KERO woke up, they found KAI has left the “thank you for everything you have done” note and KAI himself was gone.  
  • KERO, especially, felt very sad about his new friend disappeared and kept crying.  BAM wanted to do something about KERO and he suggested to go check the pond again. 
  • Once they arrived, they saw KAI being stuck in the frozen pond again. 😊   (End of story) 

I love this episode a lot, as establishment of new friendship between KERO and KAI was well described and almost felt a lot of sympathy when they found out KAI was gone.  But it gives big smile on readers’ face at the very last page. What a great way to end the story!

Also, as side note, I like the fact that on the very last “Credit”page of the book, in fine prints, it says “When you play “Mummy” with toilet paper, guardian has to observe the kids carefully (not to being strangled I assume).    I thought it was way too thoughtful and gave me one last smile before closing the book. 😊  

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バムとケロのさむいあさ [ 島田ゆか ]
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